Tuesday, August 06, 2019


Rouhani Says War with Iran 'Mother of All Wars' Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has warned that any war against the country will be the "mother of all wars", as peace with Iran will be "mother of all peace".

Russia and Iran to Train Together 'This Year' as They Fight Back Against U.S. Policies The head of Iran's navy has said his forces planned to train alongside their Russian counterparts by the end of the year as both nations stepped up their rhetoric against U.S. policies targeting them.

Israel news: Why Netanyahu should seek peace with Iran - or face 'disaster' in Middle East Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu should calm tensions with Iran and belie is hawkish nature if he wants to avoid catastrophe in the region, an expert has claimed.

Hamas, Islamic Jihad: "The Circle of Fire is Expanding" It seems, then, that for Islamic Jihad and Hamas, the ceasefire understandings, reached under the auspices of Egypt and the UN, are meant to give the Gaza-based groups a chance to continue building their military capabilities without having to worry about Israeli retaliatory measures.

'Muslim Brotherhood Linked Group' Behind Car Bomb that Killed 20 in Cairo A deadly explosion involving an automobile outside a Cairo hospital that killed at least 20 is being described in the media as a terrorist incident and also as a vehicular accident.

'Why mourn the Temple - we've had the Temple Mount for 52 years' Temple Institute calls on world Jewry to 'wake up and begin making the dream of the Third Holy Temple a reality.'

Erdogan: Turkey Plans to Attack U.S.-Allied Kurds in Syria Turkey has renewed plans to launch a military operation against the U.S.-allied Kurdish fighters who helped the United States defeat the Islamic State's (ISIS/ISIL) territorial caliphate, the Turkish president announced over the weekend.

Boris Johnson news - live: No-deal Brexit looms as Gove claims EU is 'refusing to negotiate' with UK and Brussels rejects No 10's tactics EU officials reportedly believe Boris Johnson and his team have "no intention" of negotiating and are intent on delivering a no-deal Brexit.

Brexit: No 10 rejects EU's view of talks The government has rejected claims it is unwilling to negotiate with the EU and wants talks to fail to allow a no-deal Brexit.

Roman Britain map reveals the ancient roads built 2,000 years ago that you still drive on today A Fascinating map reveals the ancient Roman roads Britons still use every day.