Friday, July 06, 2018


Expert warns major earthquake expected soon Following a series of tremors over the last few days, retired IDF Home Front colonel says Israeli residents should prepare for a major earthquake to rip through Israel from north to south.

Expert: 'Strong earthquake in Israel just a matter of time' Geologist Dr. Ariel Heiman says the earthquakes felt in recent days should not worry Israelis any more than they did in the past.

Surge of hardliner support for Rouhani after his anti-Israel words Revolutionary Guards' head thanks president for 'wise and appropriate' words while his hawkish comments imply he may block the Strait of Hormuz.

Oslo is Obsolete: Time for a victory mindset "The Palestinian goal was and remains not the end of the conflict, but the end of Israel's existence."

Israel Must Stop Syria's Advance Southward EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Israel must halt the reconsolidation of the Syrian regime, especially in the country's south.

Israeli Lawmakers Still Can't Freely Visit Israel's Holiest Site Israel is a country that prides itself on the level of religious freedom enjoyed by all citizens, regardless of race or creed.

Syria: The unstoppable momentum of Assad's war Damascus feels different. The centre of the city was barely damaged in the last seven years of war, unlike many of the suburbs, which have been turned into rubble.

Israel threatens Syria over Golan deployment, extends refugee aid An Israeli cabinet minister warned Syria and its backer Russia on Thursday that Israel could attack Damascus' forces if they try to deploy in a demilitarized border zone while advancing against rebels in the region.

Number of terrorist attacks in Jerusalem drops to 3-year low Shabak reports 220 attacks in June, with just six occurring within Jerusalem's borders.