Saturday, December 17, 2016


Aleppo evacuation: Thousands wait to leave as new deal reached  Trapped civilians and rebels are waiting to leave east Aleppo in Syria after a new deal was reportedly reached for evacuations to resume. 

US hacking claims: Russia says 'indecent' without evidence  US claims that Russia hacked official emails, without evidence, are "indecent", the Kremlin has said. 

Hamas offers missiles for armies willing to fight Israel  In his attempt to develop a multi-lateral threat against Israel, it is unclear which Arab armies Fathi Hammad thinks may be tempted by his offer to become brothers in arms. 

Palestinian official: peace prospects dead if Trump moves US embassy to Jerusalem  Palestinian Liberation Organization Sec. Gen. Saeb Erekat speaks to foreign journalists, warning that if US President-elect Trump makes good on his promise to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem, it would mean 'the destruction of the peace process as a whole.' 

Does Joel 3:4 Refer to Deadly Electromagnetic Pulse Attack?  An end-of-days scenario that was impossible, even irrelevant, not so long ago is now being developed by America and Israel's enemies in a manner that fits perfectly into Biblical prophecy. 

What Is The Real Purpose Behind 'Fake News' Propaganda?  Here is the first problem with modern political discourse - too many people want to 'win' arguments instead of getting to the greater truth of the matter. 

France: 10,000 troops on streets as Islamic State threatens Christmas jihad massacres  'I want the streets to be teeming with tourists and I want the French to be able to go out and have fun. But, in order to make that happen, we need to keep people 100 per cent safe.' 

Egyptian Christians massacred on Islamic holiday  On Sunday at least 25 people were killed, and 49 others were injured in a terrorist bombing in Cairo's largest Christian church. 

Christmas tree or Hanukka bush: Do they have their place in a Jewish home?  Mixed families and secular Jews explore the December dilemma. 

Islamism in Europe  German authorities and those across Europe seem finally to be strengthening their campaign against the militant far-right, including Muslim extremists, during the past few weeks.