Saturday, February 06, 2016


Not a victory but a bitter defeat  There have always been different opinions and different ways of doing things, but Jerusalem was the place that unified everyone. 

Israel's air force still keeps eye on Iran despite nuclear deal  The effort is overseen by the IAF's Air Operations, established in the midst of Operation Protective Edge in 2014, as the body responsible for activating and building up Israeli air power. 

Russia says it suspects Turkey of preparing military incursion in Syria  Russian jets have been striking rebel and jihadi fighters for four months in Syria, including Islamic State militants as well as fighters backed by Turkey and Gulf Arab states. 

Abbas signals solidarity for terrorism, as Gaza talks of war again  PA chief, like Arafat before him, seems to be riding terrorist tiger; meanwhile, Hamas getting its tunnels ready for possible pre-emptive strike. 

Syrian FM: Foreign troops who come here will go home 'in coffins'  Threat comes after Saudi army spokesman says his country is willing to send soldiers to war-torn region. 

With 55,000 en route, Turkey pledges 'open borders' for Syrian refugees  Ankara, already home to 2 million displaced by civil war, vows to keep helping those 'fleeing aggression, Assad and Russian air strikes'. 

5 Reasons Why Saudi Arabia Is Driving Oil Prices Through the Floor  Now that the sanctions against Iran have been lifted and Iranian oil can return to the world market, some people are wondering if Saudi Arabia is trying to sabotage Iran by holding down oil prices. 

Iran wants to dump dollar in crude trade - report  Iran wants post-sanctions' oil contracts denominated in dollars and have buyers pay in euros, Reuters reported. 

Iraq building security wall around Baghdad  Iraq is building a three-metre-high security wall and trench defences around Baghdad in an effort to thwart jihadist attacks, a security official said on Thursday. 

Mideast Christian Suffering, U.S. Denial  When a 1,400-year-old Iraqi Christian monastery was destroyed by the Islamic State (ISIS) most of the world condemned the demolition -- except for spokesman for the U.S. military's Operation Inherent Resolve, Col. Steve Warren.