Tuesday, October 01, 2013


* Israel will stop Iran by itself if necessary, Netanyahu tells UN Israel will act on its own if necessary to stop Iran attaining nuclear weapons.

* Obama: Republicans want 'ransom' to end shutdown US President Barack Obama has vowed not to allow Republicans to undermine his signature healthcare legislation as a condition to restart the US government.

* Iranian FM: We have seen nothing but lies from Netanyahu Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif slammed Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahyu's rejection of Tehran's overtures for diplomacy with the West.

* Greek PM Promises to Eradicate Neo-Nazi 'Shame' Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras on Monday pledged to eradicate the shame of neo-Nazism.

* Iran Unhappy with Obama's Words to Netanyahu Iran's Foreign Ministry expressed displeasure Tuesday with the statement by US President Barack Obama to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

* Pew survey: 6.8 million US Jews, but majority intermarry First the good news: There are a lot more Jews in America than you may have thought รข€” an estimated 6.8 million.

* Pope Francis pledges to reform Vatican bureaucracy Pope Francis has held his first meeting with a special group of cardinals to consider ways to reform the Vatican.

* Former Israel ambassador to the UN calls it "The Citadel of Hypocrisy" Dan Gillerman, a former Israel ambassador to the United Nations refers to that institution as "The Citadel of Hypocrisy".

* Israeli trainees learn to enhance anti-terrorism awareness Trainees learn to use handguns to protect themselves in malls, schools or other public places.

* Russia pushes for WMD-free Middle East Russia is seeking an international conference on ridding the Middle East of all weapons of mass destruction.