Wednesday, July 01, 2020


Hamas Fires Warning Missiles: Indicating Two-Front War Against Israel this Summer On Tuesday night, just before the Knesset was set to vote on annexation, Hamas fired 20 rockets into the Mediterranean Sea as a show of strength.

Israel’s annexation plan: Netanyahu signals he will miss target date for starting controversial move Benjamin Netanyahu has signalled he will miss his self-imposed 1 July deadline to start the controversial process of annexing the West Bank, despite mounting pressure from settler factions, as fraught talks with the United States yielded no results.

The Future of Israel's Borders: International Law and Islamic Law. Part II This is where the plan for extending Israeli law over more territory becomes simpler to resolve both legally and morally.

'There is another way': Boris Johnson pleads with Israel not to illegally annex more of West Bank Boris Johnson has issued a last-gasp plea to Israel to pull back from illegally annexing much of the West Bank, warning it will fail to deliver “justice” for Palestinians.

Anti-Semitism ‘massively supported’ by Iran in Europe, says Berlin intelligence agency Iran is a leading promoter of anti-Semitism in Europe, according to a report published Thursday by the Berlin Office for the Protection of the Constitution, one of Germany’s state-level domestic intelligence agencies.

Russia in Africa Part I: Is West Africa a New Scene of the Russian Theatre? KJ-1. Russia’s interest in Africa is nothing new, with (troops) already present in Libya, Central African Republic (CAR), and Mozambique.

Putin urges Turkey, Iran to help promote peaceful dialog in Syria After worsening violence displaced nearly a million people, Turkey and Russia agreed in March to halt hostilities in northwest Syria's Idlib region. This month, military jets bombed villages in Idlib.

Russians grant Putin right to extend his rule until 2036 in 'landslide' Golos, a non-governmental organisation that monitors elections, has said it will not be able to confirm the outcome of the vote as legitimate.

The UN is trying to stop the flow of history The UN and others trying to stop the Jews from reclaiming sovereignty in their biblical heartland after 3000 years is unconscionable. Op-ed.

Two millennia-old clay seals hint at Jews rebuilding Jerusalem after Babylonian exile Findings may indicate despite scale of destruction, efforts were made to restore administrative authorities.