Saturday, July 19, 2014


UN Security Council discusses Israeli operation in Gaza UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will travel to the Middle East on Saturday in a bid to end the fighting between Israel and Palestinians.

Israeli security cabinet meets after approving expansion of ground operation The Israeli government's security cabinet is currently meeting to discuss expanding further the ground incursion into Gaza that was launched late Thursday.

Euphoric Hamas needs to hear that Israel will oust it from Gaza if necessary The Qatari ceasefire initiative, first reported by the Times of Israel Saturday, illustrates how the continuing escalation of the conflict in Gaza has actually got nothing to do with Israel itself.

EU leaders fail to agree on top jobs EU leaders on Wednesday night (16 July) failed to reach an agreement on two top jobs - the high representative for foreign policy and the next EU Council president.

Ukraine rebels 'destroy MH17 clues' Ukraine has accused pro-Russian militiamen at the site of the Malaysia Airlines crash of trying to destroy evidence of an "international crime".

Egypt: No plans to revise Gaza cease-fire proposal Egypt has no plans to revise its cease-fire proposal to end fighting in Gaza between Israel and Hamas.

Gaza terrorists attempt to attack IDF forces with explosives-laden donkey Terrorists in Gaza attempted to attack IDF soldiers with an explosives-laden donkey on Friday.

Iraqi Christians flee after Isis issue Mosul ultimatum Iraqi Christians are fleeing Mosul after Islamist militants threatened to kill them unless they converted to Islam or paid a "protection tax".

Iran nuclear talks deadline extended until November The US says it will unblock $2.8bn in frozen Iranian funds, in return for Iran continuing to convert its stocks of 20%-enriched uranium into fuel.

Israel advises citizens to avoid Turkey amid Gaza protests Israel advised its citizens on Saturday not to travel to Turkey.