Wednesday, December 16, 2015


US missile shield unable to repel massive Russian ICBM attack - chief of strategic missile forces  The existing US missile shield is incapable of withstanding a massive strike of Russian nuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), the commander of Russia's Strategic Missile Troops told a press conference. 

Israel unfazed as Egyptian fighter jets penetrate its airspace  For first time since 1973 war, aircraft briefly cross border during several sorties against Islamic State; Israeli officials call violations "minor".

Israel readying for ISIS attack in 2016?  Report cites Israeli sources saying ISIS may start focusing on attacking Israel, given pressure being placed on it in Syria and Iraq. 

Aliyah to reach 'record high' of 30,000 in 2015  More Jews immigrated to Israel from France than any other country, with Ukraine as a close second. 

Following ISIS terror attacks Israeli travelers cautioned before holiday season  Public warned to be on heightened alert; warning not based on specific intelligence of terror activity. 

UN index ranks Israel as one of world's most developed countries  Using the UN's index, Israel ranks 18 out of a 188 countries in human development, earning the classification of one of 49 countries with "Very High Human Development." 

'ISIS-inspired terror plot sought to target Israel's embassy in Berlin'  Two charged in Berlin with "planning a massive act of violence." 

Jerusalem furthers plans for 891 housing units approved in contested Gilo neighborhood  Construction intended to block the contiguity of a Palestinian state, critics say. 

Loving to hate: Social media incitement on the rise  From hatred of Arabs to cursing LGBTs and despising leftists, a new investigation shows a worrying increase in incitement and racism on social media - and in calls for severe physical violence. 

EU opens economic talks with Turkey to revive membership bid  As part of the EU's move to seek Turkish help in tackling the continent's migration crisis, Brussels has opened further talks on Ankara's long-standing bid to join the 28-member bloc.