Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Netanyahu to world: Stop the self-deception on Iran At press conference in Eilat, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu presents the weapons seized from the Klos C.

PM: Prospects for peace agreement fading The prospects of a peace deal with the Palestinian Authority are fading, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said.

Al Qaeda Video, Magazine Focuses on English-Speaking Recruits Al Qaeda has extended its reach farther into the Western world, ABC News reports.

Crimea parliament declares independence from Ukraine ahead of referendum The parliament of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea has adopted an independence declaration from Ukraine.

Hamas Claims Next War Will Target the Golan Heights Hamas displayed bravado Monday, as it unveiled a rocket-shaped 'statue' showcasing its capacity to strike Israel.

Hamas, Iran Strengthen Ties After Weapons Ship Raid Hamas announced renewed diplomatic relations with Iran.

Poll finds general distrust among Israelis in US-mediated peace talks There is a general distrust among Israelis in the American-mediated peace talks with the Palestinians.

Israeli Christians: Don't Place 'Christ at the Checkpoint' A growing number of Israeli Christians have been speaking out with a new voice and calling for integration into Israeli Jewish society.

'There are Thousands of Al Qaeda Fighters in Gaza' A terror leader in the Gaza Strip on Sunday claimed that there are thousands of fighters.

Why the roar of the Russian bear also rattles East Asia The Russian bear is definitely waking up after a long period of hibernation.