Thursday, November 02, 2017


Israeli jets reportedly drop 7 missiles near Homs as Putin ends talks in Tehran Syrian and Lebanese sources continued Thursday, Nov. 2, to provide details of an unconfirmed Israeli air strike over the Syrian town of Homs.

Rouhani and Putin: Iran and Russia are 'strategic partners' "Russia is a friend, neighbor and strategic partner," Rouhani said in his meeting with Putin in Tehran.

Khamenei: We must cooperate with Russia to isolate U.S. Iranian Supreme Leader tells visiting Russian President that Tehran and Moscow must step up cooperation to isolate the United States.

Iran: US is our number one enemy Iran's Khamenei says US is Iran's greatest enemy, promises 'never to accept' US 'bullying.'

Let Battle Commence! Earlier this week, on October 31st, Christians marked 500 years since the Reformation began.

From Balfour to Nikki Haley: A Century of Christian Zionist Support for Israel There were many driving factors behind Foreign Secretary Lord Arthur James Balfour's decision on November 2, 1917, to write a letter to Britain's most illustrious Jewish citizen.

17,000 Israeli Youths Celebrate Completing Major Bible Study Seventeen thousand Israeli boys and girls in middle school, high school and religious seminaries from all over the country recently took part in a large celebration marking the yearly completion of an in-depth Bible study done annually by thousands of Jews around the world.

PA demands apology for Balfour Declaration On 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, the PA demands an apology and compensation from Britain.

Kurds Rally at White House: 'Our Peshmerga Needs Your Support' WASHINGTON, DC - A large group of Kurdish protesters carrying Kurdish and American flags rallied in front of the White House on Monday to seek President Donald Trump's help in stopping Iranian-backed Shi'ite militia attacks on Kurds.

NATO Steps Into North Korean Crisis North Atlantic Treaty Organization Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg is marching the alliance headlong into whatever conflict eventually emerges-be it diplomatic or military-from the current nuclear standoff with North Korea.