Monday, January 28, 2013


UK paper posts anti-Israel cartoon on Holocaust day On Holocaust Memorial Day,'Sunday Times' publishes cartoon depicting PM paving wall with Palestinian blood.

Ex-CIA man: Iran blast largest sabotage in decades Former Revolutionary Guard tells 'Post' that such a blow to Fordow nuclear facility would harm Iran drastically.

Israel warns of possible pre-emptive chemical weapons strike in Syria Israel could launch a pre-emptive strike to stop Syria's chemical weapons from reaching Lebanon's Hezbollah or al Qaeda inspired groups, officials said Sunday.

Israeli sources reportedly confirm blast at Iranian nuclear facility London Times report cites intelligence officials who say Iran hasn't evacuated area around Fordo plant; unclear if explosion was 'sabotage or accident'

Ahmadinejad: Muslims Should Mobilize to Destroy Zionism "Under the circumstances that the Zionists are occupying and killing oppressed people, we should not sit idly by," says Iranian president.

Davos 2013: Kissinger says Iran nuclear crisis close Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger has warned that a crisis involving a nuclear Iran is in the "foreseeable future".

Report: Hizbullah Sets Up Bases Near Syria's Chemical Arsenal Hizbullah terrorists are setting up bases in Syria close to known chemical weapons storage facilities, according to an Israeli media outlet.

Iranian space monkey successfully completes mission Two years after attempting to place monkey doll into orbit, Iran successfully launches live monkey into space, recovers it safely upon landing

Indyk: Obama and Netanyahu have 'bad chemistry' Former US Ambassador to Israel Martin Indyk says Israelis may want normal life but first they must end conflict with Palestinians; calls on Netanyahu to "reach out to President Obama and try to turn a new page."

Dung beetles guided by Milky Way They may be down in the dirt but it seems dung beetles also have their eyes on the stars.