Wednesday, October 10, 2012


* Khamenei: West lying that sanctions linked to nuke program Iran's Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, accused the US and EU on Wednesday of lying over sanctions being connected to Tehran's nuclear program.

* Elections: Netanyahu Outfoxes Everyone Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu checkmated every other political party and is likely to remain Prime Minister and even a stronger one after the elections.

* Iraq officially retreats from ambitious oil plans Iraq officially stepped back on Wednesday from its ambitious plans to more than triple its oil production by 2017.

* Panetta: US sends forces to Jordan The United States has sent military troops to the Jordan-Syria border to bolster that country's military capabilities in the event that violence escalates along its border with Syria.

* Turkey warns Syria of stronger response over shelling Turkey's top military commander has warned Syria that it will respond with greater force if it continues its cross-border shelling.

* Huge int'l space conference to convene in Jerusalem The International Space Conference will be held in Israel in 2015, the Science and Technology Ministry has reported.

* US church calls to reevaluate military aid to Israel Fifteen leaders of US churches and other faith-based organizations have asked Congress to reevaluate US military aid to Israel.

* Benghazi attack faces US Congress committee scrutiny A former top US security official in Libya wanted more security in Benghazi before a deadly attack on the US consulate.

* IDF Faces 'New Reality' of War along 'Peace Border' with Egypt The IDF's Sagi Brigade is training soldiers with tools to deal with new threats at the border with Egyptian, ruled by the Muslim Brotherhood.

* Iran to Have Weapons-Grade Nuclear Fuel in 2-4 Months A report published Tuesday in the Wall Street Journal has warned that Iran will be able to produce weapons-grade nuclear fuel in the next two to four months.