Saturday, January 26, 2019


Iran stages war games, vows to deal enemies a 'crushing blow' Iran stages war games involving newly developed rapid redeployment units.

For Islamic Iran, It’s Hunting Season—Again Two weeks ago, Dutch Foreign Minister Stef Blok blew the whistle on the Iranian regime, accusing it of hiring local hit teams to assassinate prominent Iranian dissidents living in Holland.

Iran Responds To French Sanctions Threats: 'We Will Reconsider Our Relations With Europe' "Our military capabilities are part of legitimate defense powers of the state, and guarantee the national security of the Islamic Republic, which is based on deterrence."

Tehran-Moscow Cooperation Goes Beyond Syria The Syrian theater exemplifies Russo-Iranian cooperation, but there are other theaters in which Moscow and Tehran have cooperated for years.

Is Jerusalem A Sacred Islamic City? There is a big difference between a city being sacred in the eyes of God and it being a sacred Islamic city.

Doomsday Clock as close to apocalypse as it was during height of Cold War A renewed nuclear arms race, rising greenhouse gas emissions and the emergence of state-sponsored disinformation campaigns have left the modern world as close to annihilation as it was at the height of the Cold War, atomic scientists said Thursday.

Putinism and EU Federalism: What’s the Difference? If paying only superficial attention to the EU and Russia in recent years one might only remember their antagonistic rhetoric, but let’s pause and reconsider: What if the EU and Russia were more alike than not?

EU: Europe must ensure Jewish future on the continent 'When Jews leave, it is a bad sign of the state of Europe,' EU official warns as growing number of Jews consider emigrating.

Israel unearths a sacred Roman-era road in East Jerusalem, unsettling a Palestinian neighborhood The main road winding through the densely built Arab neighborhood of Wadi Hilweh is like many others in Jerusalem, lined with convenience stores and often crammed with traffic.

In the Qumran cliffs, an expedition digs up new Dead Sea Scroll caves Winter excavation yields information on how an ascetic desert community lived and where it hid its precious sacred texts — and gives pointers for where to search next