Wednesday, March 24, 2021


 Deeply Polarized Israel Fails to Anoint a Leader Once Again No clear winner emerged from Israel’s fourth election in two years, leaving legally embattled Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu scrambling to woo political rivals as he struggles to cling to power.

Israeli Election Too Close to Call, Though Netanyahu Wins Plurality Israel’s fourth election in two years is too close to call, even though Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud Party won far more votes than any of its rivals on Tuesday.

An overwhelmingly right-wing Knesset any way you slice it Channel 12 News predicts that 76 of the Knesset’s 120 members will come from right-wing parties.

Israel Elections: What does Religious Zionist win mean for progressives? The list's policies and statements on a number of issues could impact a variety of sectors in Israel, including women, Arab-Israelis, LGBTQ+ people and secular Israelis at large.

Passover Sacrifice Dry-Run Takes Place Near Temple Mount: Police Warm Up to The Idea [WATCH] On Tuesday evening, while Israelis headed to the polls for the fourth time in two years, a reenactment of the Korban Pesach (the Passover Temple service) was held near the Shaar HaAshpot (the dung gate) near the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

China plans to invite Palestinians and Israelis for talks - report China has not reached out to the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office or Foreign Ministry about hosting peace talks.

Mideast quartet discusses reviving Israel, Palestinian peace talks It has said it will continue to urge other countries to normalize ties with Israel, but stressed that is not a substitute for Israeli-Palestinian peace.

Macron warns against Turkish 'interference' in French presidential election French President Emmanuel Macron warned that Turkey would try to interfere in France's 2022 presidential election in a TV interview that aired on Tuesday.

Israel Tells Nasrallah ‘We Know Everything About You When a report appeared in the Israeli newspaper Yediot Ahronot on March 12, reporting on the claim of Israeli officers to “know everything” about Hassan Nasrallah, this enraged the Hezbollah leader and his loyalists.

Biden’s “Nine-Miles-Wide Plan” What should American Jews do? Turn to all our tried-and-true methods of lobbying and protest. And do it now-while there is still time. Op-ed.