Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Iraqi forces fighting Islamic State set to storm airport, clear way to western Mosul U.S.-backed Iraqi forces closing in on the Islamic State-held western half of Mosul prepared on Tuesday to storm the airport and a nearby military base on its southern outskirts to create a bridgehead for a thrust into the city.

Trump condemns 'horrible' anti-Semitism US President Donald Trump has condemned bomb threats against US Jewish community centres in recent weeks.

McMaster for National Security Aviso President Trump has selected independent-minded U.S. Army Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster to replace National Security Advisor Mike Flynn who vacated the key White House post last week under a cloud.

Iran's Khamenei Calls on Palestinians to Pursue Intifada against Israel "The Palestinian intifada continues to gallop forward in a thunderous manner so that it can achieve its other goals until the complete liberation of Palestine," Khamenei said.

Syrian Official: We Will Be Partners with Hezbollah in Future Conflict with Israel The Jerusalem Post reports: A Syrian official vowed to back Hezbollah in any future conflict that the Lebanese terror group may have with Israel.

Egypt, Jordan leaders say two-state solution not up for compromise The leaders of the two Arab states that hold relations with Israel discuss the conflict, particularly in light of Trump's ascent to power.

"Allahu akbar!": Islamic call to prayer sounds at #IAmAMuslimToo rally in Times Square Little do these enlightened Leftists know that this cry of "Allahu akbar" could one day be turned upon them, with no hint of gratitude for their previous service.

Islamic State-Linked Group Gains Territory in Southern Syria Near Israel (REUTERS) Islamic State-linked Syrian militant groups on Monday launched a surprise attack on moderate rebels in southwestern Syria near the Golan Heights.

First time since Six-Day War: Jerusalem to expand 250 new acres attached to Jerusalem territory, new residential neighborhood with 2,000 housing units to be built.

PA leader calls on EU to recognize 'Palestine' Rami Hamdallah urges EU states to recognize "Palestine" in order to "save" the two-state solution.