Monday, March 06, 2017


Mark Levin: 'Donald Trump Is the Victim' in Alleged Obama Wiretapping Scandal Radio talk show host Mark Levin joined "Fox & Friends Weekend" Sunday to discuss President Donald Trump's allegations of wiretapping of Trump Tower by the Obama administration.

Washington unsure of whether to scrap nuke deal, UN watchdog says Despite Trump's vow to dismantle Iran pact, IAEA head says too early for US to tell what it will do, lobbies Tillerson on benefits of agreement.

VIDEO: Why the Boycott Israel Movement is So Dangerous Watch the video of why the Boycott Israel Movement is so Dangerous.

Trump signs new immigration order President Donald Trump has signed a new executive order placing a 90-day ban on people from six mainly Muslim nations.

North Korea: Four ballistic missiles fired into sea North Korea has launched four ballistic missiles towards the Sea of Japan.

Putin ramps up Syria pact with Iran in US absence Constantly bombarded by allegations that his campaign associated with Russian intelligence, US President Donald Trump has held back from going through with his original plan for teaming up with Moscow in Syria.

Mosul IS offensive: Iraqi forces capture second bridge over Tigris Iraqi government forces have captured Mosul's al-Hurriya (Freedom) Bridge over the River Tigris, Iraqi military and Kurdish sources say.

Hollande: EU will be multi-speed or will 'explode' A multi-speed Europe, where some countries integrate more than others, is necessary to avoid the bloc "exploding", the French president has said ahead of a meeting of four countries to prepare plans.

EU ministers agree to create joint military command center in NATO footsteps The European Union is to create a special military command center for operating foreign missions, the German defense minister announced amid criticism from some bloc members that the initiative is financially unreasonable and merely copies NATO's steps.

Germany: Erdogan's Nazi claim 'unacceptable' Chancellery says 'absolutely no reason' for reproach over decision of local authorities to ban pro-Turkey rallies.