Wednesday, October 28, 2009


* Iraq goes nuclear with plans for new reactor program Iraq has started lobbying for approval to again become a nuclear player, almost 19 years after British and American war planes destroyed Saddam Hussein's last two reactors.

* Labor Blocks Bill Defining Jerusalem 'Capital of Jewish People' The Labor party, using its power as a government coalition partner, blocked an attempt by Jewish Home Knesset Member Zevulun Orlev to bring to first reading a bill aimed at strengthening the status of Jerusalem.

* Czech decision on Lisbon treaty only after EU summit The Czech constitutional court has indicated it will rule on whether the Lisbon Treaty is compatible with Czech national law next week.

* Sheikh to Jews: Keep Jewish Law on Temple Mount Sheikh Kamal Riyan called on Jews to “observe Jewish Law” and not visit the Temple Mount.

* The 'Third Templars' It's a dilemma for mainstream Israelis: How to resist capitulating to Arab violence on the Temple Mount - driven by irrational fears of Zionist plots against it.

* Blair EU candidacy on menu of Merkel-Sarkozy dinner A working dinner in Paris between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy on Wednesday (28 October) night is likely to include the issue of the next EU president.

* Carnage as car bomb hits Peshawar At least 91 people have been killed after a huge car bomb ripped through a busy market in Peshawar, Pakistan.

* Juncker declares interest in EU president job Luxembourg leader Jean-Claude Juncker has said he would be willing to be the first president of the European Council.

* Hamas warns Gazans against elections The internal Palestinian strife continues to deepen, and Hamas is taking a firm stand against President Mahmoud Abbas' call for general elections in January.

* Iran nuclear sanctions 'unlikely' Further sanctions against Iran over its nuclear plans are unlikely.