Monday, December 30, 2019


Jordanian Official: Hanukkah Rituals are a Direct Threat to Al-Aqsa Mosque In a Dec. 28, 2019 article in the Jordanian daily Al-Ghad, 'Abdallah Kan'an, secretary-general of Jordan's Royal Committee for Jerusalem Affairs, wrote that the festival of Hanukkah is based on traditions relating to the "false" Jewish Temple, and therefore constitutes a direct threat to the Muslim and Christian holy places in Jerusalem.

Is Netanyahu planning a preemptive attack against Hezbollah? Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu seems to have a security window of opportunities at the moment, made possible by timing and circumstances, in particular his complicated situation.

Iran, China, Russia, Joint Naval Drills Underway in Gulf of Oman Iran, China and Russia began naval drills on Friday in the Indian Ocean and Gulf of Oman, an Iranian naval spokesman said, warning this is only the first in what will be many joint maritime exercises between the three nations.

Foreign forces only threat in Gulf, Iran's navy chief warns, inviting regional players to join drills it held with Russia & ChinaJust a day after exclaiming that the US should leave Middle East waters, Iran's navy chief urged other countries to join the trilateral maritime exercise Iran, Russia and China will hold every year.

Who is Kataib Hezbollah, the group the US attacked in Iraq and Syria? Hezbollah is one of the most important of the pro-Iranian militias in Iraq and a group with an extensive role in the Middle East.

Jesus was not only "first Palestinian" - he was "first Islamic Martyr" There were repeated new claims this week, by senior Palestinian leaders and the official press, that Jesus was a "Palestinian" and the "first Palestinian.

MSNBC Mocks Those Who Believe in Noah's Ark, Implies Bible is "Fairy Tale" On the ‘Meet the Press’ program on Sunday morning, host Chuck Todd publicized a letter to the editor that he “found” from a Lexington Herald-Leader, written by David Bowles.

In Iran, It Is a Crime to Be a Christian Three of the Islamist judges known to preside over the trials of Christians are Mashallah Ahmadzadeh, Mohammed Moghiseh, and Ahmad Zargar. The international community needs to consider imposing sanctions on them.

France, Egypt urge restraint on Libya as Ankara speeds up troop deployment bill Warning comes as Ankara moves to fast-track bill paving way to a military deployment on war-torn country.

Tony Blair 'was bidding for contracts with the EU for his 'institute for global change' as he campaigned against Brexit' Tony Blair sought EU funding for his 'institute for global change' as he campaigned against Brexit, it was reported today.