Thursday, June 19, 2014


Back to Iraq: F-18 Super Hornets patrol desert to track ISIS forces In less than three years US fighter jets have returned to Iraqi skies.

Hamas threatens third intifada amid ongoing IDF operation in West Bank Hamas threatened to ignite a third intifada on Thursday.

Iraq crisis: Baiji oil refinery contested Iraqi government forces are battling Sunni Muslim militants for control of the country's biggest oil refinery.

Pro-kidnapping salute gains steam on Palestinian, Arab social media Even as Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas condemned the kidnapping last week of three Israeli teens, popular support for the abduction has continued to proliferate on Palestinian social media.

Israel Fears US Cozying Up to Iran Due to Iraq Crisis Israel fears that a jihadist offensive that has swept up swathes of Iraq may prompt concessions to arch-foe Iran from its longtime ally the United States.

King Felipe VI calls for 'new Spain' as he is sworn in King Felipe VI has called for "a new Spain that we will build together".

Dark net 'used by tens of thousands of paedophiles' Tens of thousands of paedophiles are using the so-called dark net to trade images of sexual abuse.

EU ministers to discuss Ukraine security mission Foreign ministers will, in Luxembourg on Monday (23 June), discuss a new EU proposal to send security experts to Ukraine.

US wants to oust Maliki, while he refuses to resign in exchange for airstrikes Recent reports indicate the White House wants Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki out of power.

Kurdish journalists to 'Post': We may fast-track push for independence Independence is at the forefront of Kurdish minds as they seek to consolidate recent territorial gains in northern Iraq.