Thursday, August 16, 2007


* Iraqi PM Announces Shiite-Kurd Alliance The Iraqi prime minister and president announced a new alliance of moderate Shiites and Kurds in a push to save the crumbing government.

* Guards chief: Iran missiles can hit warships in Gulf Iranian missiles can hit warships operating anywhere in the Gulf and Oman Sea, the commander of Iran's Revolutionary Guards said.

* 60-Year-Old UN Partition Vote to be Reenacted This November will mark 60 years since the famous and fateful UN partition vote that paved the way for Israel's creation.

* Iran has Merkava-breaching missile Iran has developed a missile that can penetrate the armor of an Israeli-made Merkava tank and a US-made Abrams tank.

* Japan heads regional Jericho meeting The foreign ministers of Israel, Jordan and Japan sat down with a senior Palestinian Authority delegation in the West Bank.

* MKs to PM: Let Jews return to Hebron A group of parliamentarians on Wednesday called for the return of the Jews to the wholesale market place in Hebron.

* Bibi dares Barak to force elections Likud Party leader Binyamin Netanyahu attempted to build on momentum from his victory in Tuesday's Likud primary.

* Abbas to Hamas: 'Return to nat'l unity' Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's office warned Wednesday night that any Fatah-Hamas unification would lead to a breakdown in the diplomatic process with the reconstituted PA.

* Evangelicals Support Conversion Code Evangelical groups have joined efforts spearheaded by Roman Catholic, Orthodox and mainstream Protestant churches.

* US, Israel sign military aid package The US and Israel signed a memorandum of understanding on Thursday outlining the $30 billion defense aid package.