Friday, July 22, 2011


Oslo: Bomb blast near Norway prime minister's office A large bomb blast has hit government buildings in the Norwegian capital Oslo, killing at least two people and injuring 15 others.

Panetta to OK end of military gay ban Pentagon chief Leon Panetta has decided to end the ban on gays serving openly in the armed services.

Eurozone agrees new 109bn euros Greek bailout Leaders of the Eurozone countries have agreed a new bailout package for Greece worth 109bn euros.

Race to the Moon Heats Up for Private Firms Now that the last space shuttle has landed back on Earth, a new generation of space entrepreneurs would like to whip up excitement about the prospect of returning to the Moon.

IDF Gearing Up For September The IDF is boosting deployments in Judea and Samaria and building its stores of non-lethal crowd control devices.

Syrians defy crackdown to protest over Assad regime Tens of thousands of Syrians have again taken to the streets for Friday protests.

Qadaffi Vows 'No Negotiations' Libyan strongman Muammar Qadaffi vowed this week he will never negotiate with the rebels.

Assad 'Death Squads' Raid Homs Groups of men residents and activists described as 'Assad death squads' stormed several neighborhoods in Homs.

Jordanians accuse US of interference in region Scores of Jordanian protesters demanding democratic reforms from their king have denounced what they say is years of U.S. interference.

This Week in History: The King David Hotel bombing On July 22, 1946, three phone calls were placed to the King David Hotel.