Wednesday, July 24, 2013


* Top IDF Official Warns: Global Jihad is at Our Doorstep The threats against Israel are changing and the global jihad is literally at its doorstep.

* Egypt's military leader calls for anti-violence rallies Egypt's military chief called for mass rallies on Friday to give the army a mandate to confront violence.

* The Holy Anti-Semitic Month of Ramadan From the days of my early childhood in Egypt, anti-Semitism was not only a common phenomenon, it has been a national characteristic of my country.

* "This Has Been Our Land for Almost 4,000 Years" Ministers and Members of Knesset were among those who came to the Samaria town of Shilo on Wednesday to celebrate the opening of a unique new tourism center.

* Muslim Anger over Virtual 'Third Temple' A Jewish website that aims to teach Israelis about the Temple has been met with an angry backlash from the Arab Muslim community.

* Jewish Rosh Hodesh, Muslim Religious Event on Collision Course Rosh Hodesh Elul, the first day of the Hebrew month of Elul, coincides with an important Muslim event – the "Night of El-Khader," the culminating night of the Ramadan fast.

* Light at the end of the tunnel: Eurozone private sector hits 18-month high The eurozone may be emerging from the longest recession since the currency was created.

* Nazi-Themed Cafe Relents Amid International Pressure The owner of a Nazi-themed cafe in central Indonesia agreed on Monday to close down his shop after coming under a whirlwind of international pressure.

* Russia's Putin to visit Tehran for nuclear talks Russian leader Vladimir Putin will meet Iran's newly elected president in Tehran next month to discuss restarting talks on the Islamic Republic's nuclear program.

* Russia: US drive to arm Syria rebels hurts chance for peace Russia accused the United States on Wednesday of stalling chances for peace in Syria.