Wednesday, March 29, 2017


EU leaders react as UK PM Theresa May officially triggers Brexit "After nine months the UK has delivered," declared EU Council President Donald Tusk in a portentous tweet on receipt of the letter triggering Brexit from Prime Minister Theresa May.

Israeli-Arab Conflict: Terrorism in the Digital Age The videos posted on social media during the so-called "knife intifada" of 2015/16 are hard to forget.

World Shrugs as Hizballah Prepares Massive Civilian Deaths Hizballah leader Hassan Nasrallah recently warned Israel that his Iran-backed terror group could attack targets producing mass Israeli casualties, including a huge ammonia storage tank in Haifa, and a nuclear reactor in Dimona.

Mosul battle: Iraqi forces edge closer to key mosque Iraqi forces say they are pushing into the Old City of Mosul and closing in on a key mosque despite fierce resistance from Islamic State (IS) militants.

Fatah students: Martyrs' blood will create state At two Palestinian universities, An-Najah National University in Nablus and Al-Quds Open University, Fatah's student movement Shabiba is sending a clear message as to the path they advocate.

Jordan king tells Arab summit no peace in region without Palestinian state Leaders of 21 nations expected to reaffirm 2002 peace plan offering normalization with Israel after deal with Ramallah.

"Bible, Not Google, Gives Jews Right to Judea and Samaria" Declares Secular Israeli Minister in Washington The shift towards Biblical language among the heads of Israel's government was visible this week at a Washington event held at the annual AIPAC conference.

Palestinians: We Have the Right to Poison the Minds of our Children The Palestinian Authority (PA) and Hamas wish to continue teaching children that the conflict with Israel is not over a two-state solution, but the "liberation of Palestine, from the river to the sea," which means the annihilation of Israel.

US Planning Unprecedented Peace Summit Between Israel, Palestinians, Arab States: Report The Trump administration is reportedly exploring whether or not to hold an Israeli-Palestinian peace summit that would be attended by Arab leaders from the Gulf states.

Space arms race as Russia, China emerge as 'rapidly growing threats' to US U.S. satellites may be vulnerable to attacks that could make our whole way of fighting war riskier, according to experts.