Tuesday, August 27, 2019


Israel will defend itself 'by any means,' PM says amid fears of border skirmish As tensions skyrocket following several strikes on Tehran-related targets that are blamed on Israel, cabinet minister says some of the attacks 'aren't ours'.

"Hezbollah attack will be met by 'disproportionate' response" IDF preparing for Hezbollah attack on Israeli military targets. All forces in northern area deployed, while more may be called to area.

Lebanon, Iraq, Iran call out Israel's 'declaration of war' after it bombs 3 Countries in one weekend Lebanon, Iraq and Iran have declared recent Israeli aggression as an act of war after attacks on Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq over the weekend, promising devastating retaliation if the violence continues.

Israel quietly warns Beirut: Powerful response would greet an attack on Golan or Galilee Jerusalem conveyed tough back-channel warnings to Beirut on Monday, Aug. 26, that any attacks on the Golan or Galilee would bring forth a powerful Israeli counter punch.

Israel-Iran conflict exposes bleeding edge of a war for the entire Middle East Jerusalem has taken a leading role in a campaign to halt what Sunnis see as an attempt by Tehran to carve out an empire across the region; expect the fighting to only get worse.

Israel Pressing for Proxy War to Pressure Iran: IRGC General A former commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has highlighted the intent behind the recent Israeli attacks on pro-Iranian targets in the region, saying the Zionist regime is hatching an opportunistic plot to wage a proxy war in the region, trigger instability, and mount pressure on Iran.

Hezbollah and Lebanese allies are building a case for war - Analysis Hezbollah and its allies in Lebanon, including President Aoun, are thus already creating the context for the post-war scenario.

Turkey: "Death to Jews" at Summer Camp "Very young children are indoctrinated in Jew-hatred and human-hatred without even knowing who Jews are."

Netanyahu tells Hezbollah and Iran to 'be careful' Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Hezbollah and Iran to "be careful" as forces in Israel's north braced for a possible reprisal attack after a series of alleged Israeli strikes.

Millennials Aren't That Into God, Patriotism, or Having Kids: Poll Voting Republican has become an activity analogous to reminiscing about air-raid drills or complaining incessantly about back pain: ordinary for boomers, but a marker of eccentricity among the young.