Monday, September 14, 2015


Police: Arab MKs Tried to Rush Us on Temple Mount Arab MKs joined a mob that tried to rush Israeli police officers on the Temple Mount, police said Sunday.

Netanyahu: Shana Tova from Israel's eternal capital, Jerusalem In his video address, Netanyahu calls to repel those who slander the State of Israel.

Temple Mount opens to Jewish visitors for Rosh Hashana after police quell riot Netanyahu to convene emergency meeting after holiday to discuss stone-throwing phenomenon in Jerusalem.

BIN EXCLUSIVE: Sanhedrin Passes Judgement Against Pope Francis, Obama on Mt. Zion 71 elders of Israel who identify themselves as the Sanhedrin gathered Wednesday on Mount Zion in a historic trial bringing to judgement Pope Francis and US President Barack Obama in absentia. 

Erdan: Riots Won't Prevent Jews from Visiting Temple Mount Internal Security Minister vows to change status quo after Muslim mob hurls firebombs at police officers.

Jordan Blasts Israel for 'Attack' on Temple Mount Jordan and Egypt condemn Jewish state for 'provocations' and 'escalation' in their defense against Arab rioters on Temple Mount.

Pope says risk that terrorists could sneak into Europe with Mideast refugees Pontiff refers to risk that ISIS could infiltrate, launch attacks in Europe.

Saudis should no longer handle Mecca Haj, Iranian MP says after crane disaster Sunni lawmaker calls Saudi regime careless after accident that killed scores.

Migrant crisis: More EU states impose border checks More EU countries have said they are imposing border checks to deal with an influx of migrants.