Tuesday, August 11, 2015


* Watch: What Makes Iran Unique? - Iran's approach to Islamism makes it more dangerous than other Islamic countries, expert reveals to Arutz Sheva.

* Poll: Most Israelis Feel Their Nation is in Danger - The monthly Peace Index survey conducted in late July found that a firm majority of Israeli Jews believe their nation is in serious danger from various security and military threats.

Minor clash as Muslim youths kept off Temple Mount over riot fears - Group of adolescents armed with bottles, eggs denied entry to Jerusalem holy site; several detained for questioning

Jordan to erect barrier on Iraq-Syria border to stop IS - Military official says trenches and embankments are intended to prevent jihadists crossing

Muslims harass congressmen visiting Temple Mount - “When there is a lack of resolve in protecting religious freedoms, it emboldens those who have no compunction about suppressing it,” Rep. Franks says.

Arabs Busted over 'Protection' Scheme for Kotel Visitors - Just like in old Chicago, Israelis visiting the Kotel have been forced in recent months to pay up, or risk damage to their cars, or persons.

* Obama administration warns US court: High cost of appealing terror verdict could topple PA - 10 American families in February won a $655 million verdict against the PLO and PA for supporting terror; PA wishes to appeal ruling, but may need to post sizable bond.

* Greek bailout deal agreed 'in principle' - Greece has agreed a bailout deal "in principle" with its creditors, the European Commission has said.

Abbas to Visit Iran Within Two Months, Says PLO Official - PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas is scheduled to pay a visit to Iran within the coming two months, according to PLO official Ahmed Majdalani.

* 360° interactive footage from fighter cockpit - move it just like Google panoramic view - A spectacular predawn dual flight of fighters from two epochs, the mid-20th century P-51 Mustang and the early 21st century F-22 has been captured on video, with awesome technology enabling the viewer to look 360 degrees in any direction.