Monday, May 28, 2012


* Syria massacre: Rebels share blame, says Russia's Lavrov Rebels in Syria are partly responsible for the massacre of more than 100 people in the Houla region, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says.

* Report: 'Broad spectrum' of Iran leaders talk of destroying Israel in 'near term'  Iran envisions the imminent destruction of Israel, perhaps in a nuclear strike by Teheran, a report said.

* Egypt poll: Islamist Mursi and ex-PM Shafiq in run-off An Islamist candidate and a Hosni Mubarak-era politician will contest a presidential run-off in June, Egypt's election commission has confirmed.

* Palestinian rivals begin stalled unity gov't talks Fatah and Hamas discuss interim, technocrat government in renewed effort to resolve rifts between the two; Gaza voters can register immediately, says Hamas deputy PM Awad.

* 'Orgy of Vendettas' Fuels Vatican Scandal A scandal over leaked documents at the Vatican has taken a melodramatic turn as the Holy See's dirty laundry is aired for the world.

* Flame: Massive cyber-attack discovered, researchers say A complex targeted cyber-attack that collected private data from countries such as Israel and Iran has been uncovered, researchers have said.

* Web War II: What a future cyberwar will look like How might the blitzkrieg of the future arrive? By air strike? An invading army? In a terrorist's suitcase? In fact it could be coming down the line to a computer near you.

* Bilderberg power masters meet in the US Every time a Bilderberg Meeting takes place, important things happen. 

* Google Privacy Inquiries Get Little Cooperation After months of negotiation, Johannes Caspar, a German data protection official, forced Google to show him exactly what its Street View cars had been collecting from potentially millions of his fellow citizens.

* Israel shores up border security, North and South Israel has been mobilizing infantry troops for border security missions.