Monday, August 08, 2011


* UN calls rights situation in Iraq fragile A UN report released on Monday said the human rights situation in Iraq is still "fragile," citing issues including economic and political stagnation, continued violence and attacks on minorities.

* Cleric vows attacks if US troops stay in Iraq A powerful anti-American Shiite cleric in Iraq with thousands of loyal followers threatened that US forces who stay past the Dec 31 withdrawal deadline are fair game to attack.

* Dollar to Be Discarded by World The man who leads one of China’s top rating agencies says the greenback’s status as the world’s reserve currency is set to wane.

* Attack Adds to Signs of an Unstable Afghan Region The devastating attack on an American helicopter in eastern Afghanistan over the weekend has heightened attention on the harsh reality that even now large stretches of the country are perilous and heavily infiltrated by insurgents.

* Arab League bets on dialogue to end crisis in Syria Elaraby: League will use persuasion rather than "drastic measures" to bring end to violence

* Wikipedia: Prophecy fulfilled or info apocalypse? Wikimania annual conference in Haifa gives public opportunity to share experiences with free knowledge initiatives all over the world.

* Churches to Read Torah as Others Read Koran Countering a move by churches across USA that read from the Koran, other churches prepare to read Torah.

* Wall Street Has a Cold, Tel Aviv Has Pneumonia Tel Aviv and Saudi Arabia stock exchanges, the first to open after last week’s NY market plunge and cut in credit rating, sank by 6%.

* 2,000 Year Old Sword, Menorah Sketch Found Stone slab with five-branched menorah etching, Roman era sword discovered near Temple Mount.

* Nothing Stops Assad Saudi Arabia recalls its envoy, the Arab League tells him to stop violence, the UN talks, and his army shoots to kill.