Saturday, June 20, 2020


PA foreign minister fans the flames of “religious war” PA Foreign Minister Riyad Al-Malki has twice recently fanned the flames of religious war among Palestinians and the entire Muslim world.

Report: Trump peace plan could leave Jewish heritage sites under Palestinian control New report claims Trump Middle East peace plan would place heritage sites across Judea and Samaria in a Palestinian state.

PA threatens Israel: You will taste the sword! PA TV Live is one of the two official TV stations run by the PA. During the last few weeks, the PA has used this station to promote violence and terror via music videos, as Palestinian Media Watch has documented in several reports.

European Union Hypocrisy in Opposing Israeli Sovereignty Over Its Heartland | Opinion In accordance with President Trump's "Deal of the Century," Israel is set to apply its civilian law and administration to 30 percent of Judea and Samaria (also known as the "West Bank") in the coming weeks. 

Why are there more wars in the Middle East than anywhere else? The number of airstrikes and battles taking place in the Middle East make it the most war-torn region in the world.

Jews Worldwide Now Moving to Israel in Unprecedented Droves as Prophesied in Jeremiah The latest forecast from Jerusalem says that Israel is expecting 90,000 Jews from the diaspora to emigrate to Israel by the end of 2021.

Far-Right Antisemitism ‘Urgent Terror Threat,’ Report Finds Far-right antisemitism is an “an urgent and ongoing terror threat to Jewish communities,” a top Jewish group in the UK has found.

Report: King Abdullah refuses to speak to Netanyahu over annexation plans Jordanian King Abdullah II is refusing to communicate with Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over his government's plan to annex parts of the West Bank, Palestinian news agency Ma'an reported Monday.

Senior Turkish Official Calls on Muslim ‘Umma’ to Free Jerusalem Turkey’s top religious official vowed over the weekend to continue Islam’s struggle “until Jerusalem is completely free” and called on the Muslim world to rally against Israel.

Report: China Added 30 Nuclear Warheads to Its Arsenal in 2019 China added 30 warheads to its nuclear arsenal in the past year, making it one of six countries in the world to increase its stockpile since 2019, a report by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) revealed on Monday.

Germany’s Merkel Pushes E.U. Global Government Role: ‘The World Needs More Europe’ Chancellor Angela Merkel outlined her objectives Thursday for Germany’s forthcoming six-month presidency of the European Union, saying a more global role and enhanced international governance are a way forward for the troubled bloc.

Carrie Severino: SCOTUS LGBT Decision Will ‘Create a Tsunami of New Litigation’ Against Religious Groups The Supreme Court’s (SCOTUS) reinterpretation of a federal prohibition against employment discrimination based on sex — which now includes sexual orientation and “gender identity” — will “create a tsunami of new litigation” against religious organizations, explained Carrie Severino, president of the Judicial Crisis Network, offering her remarks on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight with host Rebecca Mansour.