Monday, July 12, 2021


 Is Israel preparing for the inevitable civil war in the West Bank? As President Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken ponder how to entice the Palestinian Authority (PA) to negotiate with Israel, a far more significant problem is being ignored.

Israeli authorities seize cryptocurrency transfer from Hamas The sum which was seized reportedly included funds meant for, but not limited to, the Izzadin al-Qassam Brigades (the Hamas military wing).

Netanyahu: Bennett surrendered to Ra'am in just 3 hours Opposition leader: Bennett gave water to Jordan as Jordan gave an oil pipeline to Iran.

Arab Reactions to the New Israeli Government Arab states and their leaders do not treat Israel as they treat other countries.

3,000-year-old inscription bearing name of biblical judge found in Israel The inscription features the name "Jerubbaal," a Jewish leader from the Book of Judges, as well as dates from around 1,100 BCE.

‘They will never let go’: Isis fighters regroup in the heart of Iraq Along convoy of humvees, trucks and troop carriers moved slowly through the countryside to the south of the city of Kirkuk, ferrying dozens of Iraqi special forces.

Bennett’s trip to Amman fits Biden’s plan for a Jordan-Egypt-Israel axis US President Joe Biden is developing his own prescription for a US-backed Middle East alignment. A key element is a stable Jordan, whose regime badly needs shoring up.

EU: New Political Alliance to Fight Creation of European Superstate The July 2 "Joint Declaration on the Future of the European Union" represents the first significant endeavor by euroskeptic parties to jointly oppose efforts by European federalists to transform the European Union into a godless multicultural superstate.

In Europe, Lapid tells NATO chief Israel wants to deepen ties Ahead of his address to EU ministers, Israeli FM offers assistance to alliance on intelligence, cybersecurity, missile defense and more.

Jews, Christians to read Isaiah's prophecies together this week Participants will each read a chapter from the Book of Isaiah, the main character who prophesied the destruction of Babylon and the return of the Jewish people to Israel.