Friday, April 16, 2021


 Biden quotes ‘Holy Qur’an’ in Ramadan greeting, says ‘Muslim Americans have enriched our country since our founding’ Obama insisted that Muslims had enriched America since its founding, and now Biden is saying the same thing. But repetition won’t make it true.

On Iran, Biden Administration Ready to Undo Former Administration's Work, whether It is Good for the World or Not? A basic rule in negotiations is to keep or gain leverage against the other party. The Biden administration, mystifyingly, is doing exactly the opposite in its negotiations with the regime of Iran.

Party logos of 11 Palestinian election lists feature maps erasing Israel PA President Abbas’s Fatah movement also uses an image that appears to display the entire region as Palestine; vote slated for May 22.

Why are Palestinians who sell land to Jews excommunicated? Allah told “all of humanity” that “Palestine” is “a pure right of its Muslim owners,” - Shari’ah judge on PA TV.

70,000 Muslim worshipers flock to Jerusalem for 1st Friday prayers of Ramadan Prayers held peacefully, despite police fears of violence after 3 consecutive nights of rioting; gathering at site is the largest since start of pandemic.

Antisemitism Is Inseparable from Khomeinism Khomeinism, the ideology of the Islamic Republic of Iran, encompasses the radical ideas of its founding father Ayatollah Khomeini.

Iran Lawmaker Hails National ‘Miracles’ as Uranium Enrichment Soars to Highest Ever Levels Iran announced Friday it is now enriching uranium at up to 60 percent purity, its highest level ever, just days after an attack targeted its key Natanz nuclear site.

The New Plan to Oust Netanyahu In a discussion with associates on Tuesday, Yamina chairman Naftali Bennett spoke candidly about his political plans, which, according to media reports, he is closely coordinating with New Hope party leader Gideon Sa’ar.

Covid: 'Israel may be reaching herd immunity' A leading Israeli doctor believes the country may be close to reaching "herd immunity".

Israel prepares for construction boom in Judea and Samaria Left-wing activists complain that over 12,000 housing plans were approved in 2020, but overall building fell during the Trump years while the PA conducted many land grabs.