Friday, November 30, 2018


Sanhedrin Invites 70 Nations to Hanukkah Dedication of Altar for the Third Temple The nascent Sanhedrin released a declaration to the 70 nations for Hanukkah to be read at a ceremony in Jerusalem on the last day of the holiday.

Syria: Wide-ranging Israel air strikes in three waves over Damascus region Syrian sources reported shortly before midnight of Nov. 29, that Israeli air attacks had been ongoing from 21:30 over areas in the Damascus vicinity.

Syrian Regime and Allies Downplay 'Airstrikes' After Wild Night in Damascus Syria's allies now appear to want to sweep the incident under the carpet. This may be to protect the regime from embarrassment.

Iran, facing off against Israel in Syria, now sending arms directly to Lebanon Israel's alleged airstrike in Syria overnight was a rare exception to the new Russian-imposed rules; Tehran is shifting its tactics, as well.

ANALYSIS: Iran and Israel Preparing for Multi-Front War Iranian leaders stepped up their war of words against Israel and the United States over the weekend while new information shows both the Israel Defense Forces and the Islamic Republic are actively preparing for a multi-front war in Israel.

Tens of thousands celebrate Hamas 'victory' rally as exiled leader returns Tens of thousands gather to cheer as Khaled Meshaal claims victory in last month's war and says more Israeli soldiers could be kidnapped.

EU President Tusk Warns British: If you Reject May's Deal, It's 'No Brexit at All', No Deal The United Kingdom's can take Theresa May's "worst deal in history" negotiated settlement with the European Union or leave it, but there will be no renegotiations at all, European Council President Donald Tusk warned as he arrived for this weekend's G20 summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

For Israel, a rearmed Hezbollah in Lebanon is top concern On a moonlit night, some two dozen Israeli soldiers in full battle gear march near a Lebanese border village with a bomb-sniffing dog, searching for explosives and infiltrators.

Military warns EMP attack could wipe out America, 'democracy, world order' In an extraordinary and sobering report meant to wake the nation up to a growing threat, a new military white paper warns that an electromagnetic pulse weapon attack such as those developed by North Korea, Russia, and Iran could essentially wipe out the United States, kill or displace millions, and even force jets to drop from the sky.

Ukraine bars Russian men aged 16-60 from entry Ukraine will not allow Russian men aged 16-60 into the country following the imposition of martial law, Kiev says.

Thursday, November 29, 2018


Because of Nearness to Christmas, Many American Jews Observe Hanukkah It takes less time to prepare than Passover and the Feast of Tabernacles (Succot); is happier than Rosh Hashana; and it certainly doesn't leave you hungry like Yom Kippur.

Trump scheduled to meet Putin at G20, Kremlin document says US president heads to Argentina poised for possible conflict with Russia over Black Sea naval clash and with China over trade.

CNN Commentator: 'Free Palestine From the River to the Sea' Hill accused Israel of denying "citizenship rights and due process to Palestinians just because they are not Jewish," and expressed his support for the BDS movement.

Russia, Turkey and Iran hold talks on Syria in Astana Moscow is pushing for breakthrough on UN constitutional committee that it can sell to the West.

Anti-Semitism Part of the War of Gog and Magog Says End Times Rabbi In an interview earlier this week, End of Days expert Rabbi Mendel Kessin told radio talk show host Tamar Yonah of Israel News Talk Radio that anti-Semitism is a signal that God is accelerating the end times.

Why is the U.S. in the Middle East? Jerusalem wants to see the US engaged, influential and active in the region. It doesn't want to see it disengaged and concerned only about its own domestic problems.

Iranian air freighters now routed to Beirut instead of Syrian air bases Day by day at least one, if not two, Iranian transport aircraft, are landing at Beirut international airport in the past week, DEBKAfile's military sources report.

'On This Day,' Anniversary of Death of Eliezer Ben Yehuda Nechemya bemoans the fact that in seventy years of exile the Jews of his generation forgot how to speak Hebrew.

Netanyahu: Still Israel's Preferred Leader Why none of the other party leaders are fit to be prime minister.

2,000-year-old ring engraved with 'Pilate' may have belonged to notorious ruler Uncovered 50 years ago at the Herodian palace near Bethlehem, a simple copper-alloy ring is now given a good cleaning - and second look by skeptical scholars.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018


Netanyahu to elite troops: Israel and the IDF are 'best answer to anti-Semitism' Following CNN poll that found rampant anti-Jewish views among Europeans, PM tells army commandos: 'Once they could slaughter us, today we can respond'.

Home Front Commander: 'In next war they won't be drinking coffee in Tel Aviv' Home Front Commander on challenges facing Israel: 'Possibility of fronts in both north and south - we're aware of coordination attempts.'

ANALYSIS: Iran and Israel Preparing for Multi-Front War Iranian leaders stepped up their war of words against Israel and the United States over the weekend while new information shows both the Israel Defense Forces and the Islamic Republic are actively preparing for a multi-front war in Israel.

Watch: Russian Air Force deploys Su-25s and Ka-52s as they seize Ukrainian vessels Russian military forces blocked all passage through the Kerch Strait on Sunday, barring Ukrainian naval forces access to the waterway that connects the Azov Sea with the Black Sea.

4 historic memorial sites to visit in Jerusalem To understand Israel's modern history and experience, you should take a flight to Israel and visit these four memorials.

NASA: Possibility of Cataclysmic Meteor Strike in 2023 The National Aeronautics and Space Association (NASA) announced this week that a large asteroid is on track to cross paths with the earth in 2023 but they say there is little cause for alarm, setting the odds of a cataclysmic collision at one in 30 million.

President Erdogan calls for Muslim unity Speaking at the opening of a conference focused on Islamic economic and commercial co-operation hosted in Istanbul, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called on Muslims around the world to stand united and overcome a history of division.

After the caliphate: What next for IS? A US-backed alliance of Syrian Kurdish and Arab fighters is closing in on the last pocket of territory in eastern Syria controlled by the jihadist group Islamic State (IS).

Brexit will make UK worse off, government forecasts warn The UK will be poorer economically under any form of Brexit, compared with staying in the EU, new government analysis suggests.

The great Palestinian dream: To liberate "Palestine" from the River to the Sea Palestinian children are still being taught that "Palestine" includes all of Israel. Decades after the Oslo Accords, the PA and Fatah still don't recognize Israel's existence.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018


Iran trains squads for terrorizing US forces in Syria. US air/naval buildup for striking back Iran's proxy militias in Syria are being trained and armed for terrorizing US forces in eastern Syria, starting with IEDs like the bombs that bedeviled American forces in Iraq in 2004-2006.

EU condemns Iran's call for Israel's destruction Day after Iran's president calls Jewish state 'cancerous tumor' and 'fake regime' European Union says comments 'totally unacceptable'.

The Palestinians No One Talks About The 3,903 Palestinians killed in Syria in the past seven years are of no interest to the Western correspondents and their editors.

Tipping Point: Israel and the 'Community of Nations' The Jewish state is on the precipice of major diplomatic breakthroughs across the globe.

China to Iran: 'Beijing Is Looking for a Way to Settle' Yemen War China's ambassador to Tehran told Iranian officials on Sunday that Beijing is seeking a role in ending the Yemen war, potentially using its status as a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council to take action to settle the dispute.

A Third of Europeans say Jews Too Politically Influential, Poll Finds A comprehensive CNN survey demonstrated prevalent antisemitic attitudes in Europe, findings showed in a new poll.

Another Round, not More Extortion, Is Needed in Gaza Only a fourth massive round of fighting against Hamas can possibly bring the group to the conclusion the Arab states reached after four wars with the Jewish state in 1948, 1956, 1967, and 1973 - that the pain to be suffered is so great, and the chance of eliminating the Jewish state so slim, as to render violence pointless.

'Europe Is Disintegrating.' Greece's Rockstar Economist Yanis Varoufakis Shares His Vision for Reforming the E.U. On Sunday morning, the former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis picked up a microphone in Berlin, the German capital where, three years ago, high-stakes negotiations with E.U. leaders culminated in his resignation.

Iran's parliament speaker says US peace plan a 'plot' to strengthen Israel Ali Larijani vows Tehran will oppose Trump administration proposal, warns UAE and Saudi Arabia against warming ties with Jerusalem.

Noah's Ark Plans to Sail to Israel A reproduction of Noah's Ark built to Biblical proportions may come to Israel but it may take more than 40 days and 40 nights.

Monday, November 26, 2018


Israel holds major drill to practice fighting Hamas and Hezbollah simultaneously Ongoing 10-day exercise by Commando Brigade tackles battling Hamas in Gaza, Hezbollah in north at the same time, a prospect military fears is liable to occur.

Czech President Proclaims Himself to be 'Israel's Best Friend' Zeman expressed interest in one-state solution in meeting with Rivlin.

Chad's President Arrives in Israel, Asks for Help Fighting Al-Qaeda, ISIS In further evidence that Israel's charm offensive with Gulf States and majority-Muslim African states may be bearing fruit, Chad's President Idriss Deby is currently visiting the country - the first such visit since the establishment of the state.

U.S. ambassador to Israel says peace plan will come at "appropriate time" U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman said in a rare statement today that President Trump will release his Israeli-Palestinian peace plan at a time that will allow its best chance for success.

Ukraine Considers Martial Law Amid Tensions with Russia Ukraine's parliament is considering President Petro Poroshenko's call to impose martial law in the country, in the wake of Russia seizing three of its ships and their crews.

Iran nuclear chief warns of unpredictable consequences if deal breaks down Iran's nuclear chief warned the European Union on Monday of "ominous" consequences if it did not follow through with action to keep the economic benefits of the 2015 nuclear agreement alive.

"We Will Displace You": Extremist Persecution of Christians, July 2018 There were 128 incidents of church vandalism or other anti-Christian attacks in France during the first five months of 2018, according to a Paris-based Roman Catholic non-profit organization that tracks attacks against Christians.

Turkey Stabilizing Libya? Think Again. "The chaotic situation enables the emergence of enclaves of terror, inspired by the ideology of ISIS and al-Qaeda. The world should make sure that Libya does not turn into another pre-2001 Afghanistan-like state on the doorstep of Europe." - Dr. Mordechai Kedar and Dr. Dan Gottlieb.

'Trump's Mideast team in agreement on Deal of the Century' US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman rejects reports of dissension among Trump's Mideast advisors regarding peace plan.

Saturday, November 24, 2018


Dutch Christian boatmaker aims to sail his exact replica of Noah’s Ark to Israel Johan Huibers believes his country is facing imminent flooding and we’re living in the end of times. 

PA official: It's two states or an apartheid state PA official in charge of foreign affairs says the world created the "Palestinian problem" by establishing the state of Israel.

Is Trump's Middle East policy based on two fragile regional allies? US President Donald Trump has gone out of his way to support Saudi crown prince MBS and Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, while the former is accused of murder and the latter faces corruption allegations.

Leaders Under Siege: Trump And Netanyahu Battle For Their Political Lives The president and the prime minister have both chosen a strategy that bypasses attorneys and the courts.

“On This Day,” King David Purchases Jebusite Threshing Floor King David purchases the threshing floor of Araunah the Jebusite and, according to one classic rabbinic opinion, the entire city of Yerushalayim (Jerusalem).

Analysts: Alleged Russian Offer On Iranian Pullout From Syria Unlikely To Bear Fruit An alleged offer made by Russian President Vladimir Putin to both the United States and Israel on removing Iranian forces and their proxies in Syria in exchange for sanctions relief on the Islamic Republic is unlikely to bear fruit, analysts told The Media Line.

Iran’s Rouhani calls Israel a ‘cancerous tumor’ established by West At Islamic Unity Conference, president, seen as a relative moderate who does not routinely employ such rhetoric, says Israel a ‘fake regime’.

Trump: Israel ‘Would Be In Big Trouble Without Saudi Arabia’ The Times of Israel reports: US President Donald Trump on Thursday suggested that Israel would face major regional difficulties in the Middle East if it were not for the stabilizing presence of Saudi Arabia.

'We never considered the EU as an adversary' - Russian envoy Euronews is posing questions to the Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the European Union. 

Historic Brexit summit: 10 key questions It will be a significant moment in European history when the EU's 28 leaders meet in Brussels to finalise the UK's withdrawal from the bloc on Sunday.

Friday, November 23, 2018


“On This Day,” King David Purchases Jebusite Threshing Floor King David purchases the threshing floor of Araunah the Jebusite and, according to one classic rabbinic opinion, the entire city of Yerushalayim (Jerusalem).

'It's time for a preemptive strike on Hezbollah' Former MK Gidon Sa'ar reiterates call for IDF to strike Hezbollah to prevent terror militia from growing stronger.

How does the religious settler movement influence Israeli politics? The settlers who are building homes in the occupied West Bank say they are not just fulfilling a biblical prophecy but are building one of the most enduring political movements in Israel.

Iran's great nuclear deception New details are revealed about the Mossad's special operation to seize Iran's nuclear archive, including a rare glimpse into Tehran's classified documents: secret tests, a plan to manufacture the first 5 nuclear bombs, and even a photo of proud Iranian scientists outside a nuclear facility.

Evidence of Sodom? Meteor blast cause of biblical destruction, say scientists Multi-disciplinary team of scientists uses 3,700-year-old archaeological evidence from Jordan’s Tall el-Hammam Excavation Project to understand end to civilization near Dead Sea

Column One: Hamas And Fatah Unmasked Abbas was similarly blindsided by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s visit to Oman, and Minister of Culture and Sports Miri Regev’s visit to Abu Dhabi for the world judo championships.

Palestinians: We Cannot Accept Anything from Trump Hardly a day passes without the leadership of the Palestinian Authority (PA) affirming its strong opposition to US President Donald Trump's yet-to-be-announced Middle East peace plan, also referred to as the "deal of the century."

Amalek, Jewish Injustice, Converts and a Warning to the Chief Rabbinate The Jews’ most formidable enemy in biblical times was the nation of Amalek.

Report: Trump Delays Peace Plan Until February The report claimed that Trump's aides advised him to wait with the announcement in wake of the recent political developments in Israel, particularly after Liberman resignation.

USAF takes control of Syrian skies. Unidentified air strike on Iranian target This new game changer in Syria, revealed here by DEBKAfile, provoked an exceptionally detailed threat from Tehran: “US bases in Afghanistan, the UAE and Qatar, and US aircraft carriers in the Gulf are within range of our missiles,” said Brig. Gen. Amirali Hajizadeh, head of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ airspace division, on Wednesday, Nov. 21.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018


Straight from the Bible: Tiny First Temple stone weight unearthed in Jerusalem Volunteer at City of David sifting project finds rare 'beka' measure, used by pilgrims paying half-shekel tax before ascending to Temple Mount, in dirt from dig near Western Wall.

U.N.'s Mladenov Hints That Iran Trying to Spark Gaza War "There are forces out there that want to disrupt that agreement and push us all into the abyss of a confrontation."

The Russian-Iranian deal offered to Israel Russia reportedly proposes that Iran be granted relief from some US sanctions in in return for the removal of its forces from Syria.

Iran/Hizballah build new militias in Syria against northern Israel. What is Eisenkot missing? Heads were scratched in many security circles on Monday, Nov. 20, when IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Gady Eisenkot was heard to declare that the fact that "Iran and terrorist groups were very far from the place they hoped to attain" was down to "continuous quality operations."

ANALYSIS: New Information Shows Iran Behind Latest Gaza Crisis Information released this week and comments made by Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu during an address to the Israeli public on Sunday shed new light on the mini-war between the Palestinian terror groups in Gaza and the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) at the beginning of last week and the Israeli decision not to launch a ground offensive.

Israeli Cabinet minister: Gaza leader's days are numbered A senior Israeli Cabinet minister on Wednesday threatened to kill the leader of the militant Hamas movement ruling Gaza, vowing that another "large campaign" looms in which Israel will hit the militants hard.

Knesset conference calls for evacuation of Hebron settlers Event organized by Joint List and Meretz MKs to feature speech by B'Tselem head Hagai E-Ad; 'Handful of extremist Jewish settlers live in Hebron, leading government to enact segregation regime in the city,' say organizers.

The Single Sentence That Would Rescue Theresa May's Brexit Deal Article 20 of the Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland should be supplemented by a sentence of the form: "If not earlier, this Protocol shall cease to apply [x] years after the end of the transition period unless both the European Union and the United Kingdom agree to extent its application in whole or in part."

Does the European Union need its own army? French President Emmanuel Macron recently said Europe needs to protect itself from Russia, China, and even the United States.

Support for Israel rises among European Jewish leaders 68% of European Jewish community leaders say they back Israel regardless of its government - up from just 55% in 2015.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018


IDF: A Special Army Preparing for Gog and Magog The IDF represents Israel's multicultural nature but underneath the wrinkled green uniform is a special army preparing for the very special war that precedes the Messianic era.

Poll shows Likud rebounding after ceasefire, coalition crisis Despite criticism over ceasefire with Hamas, Liberman's resignation, Likud remains stable in latest poll with 30 seats.

Is Russia full-on supporting Hamas? While Hamas seeks to further develop regional relations with countries such as Egypt, Iran, Qatar, Turkey and Lebanon in light of the organization's deteriorating ties with Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Syria, the Gaza-based group is also making efforts to improve its international relations with Russia, the EU, Malaysia and South Africa.

Selfie-promotion: Putin welcomes Saudi delegation to Russia, in wake of Khashoggi killing After being shunned by many former allies and business partners over the suspected state-ordered murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, Saudi Arabia received a warm welcome from Russia's President Vladimir Putin, attending a cultural forum in the country's second city, St Petersburg.

Record Number of Tourists Visit Israel in 2018 The new record, set on Friday, comes on the heels of another achievement reached in October - the record all-time month for incoming tourism.

Unprecedented Interfaith Conference Tackles Temple Mount Controversy A conference is set to be held in Jerusalem in two weeks which will for the first time, educate Christians on the importance of the Temple Mount.

Back in the fold: 10 things to know for November 20 Bennett's decision to kiss his threat goodbye leaves him looking like a shmatta while Netanyahu cleans up. But can the prime minister's magic last?

Abortion: The One Issue That Can Make Enemies of Israel and America at the UN Ever since President Donald Trump's election, Israel and the United States have present a strong united front in the halls of the United Nations.

Who Gains from the US Withdrawal from the Nuclear Arms Treaty? Russia has violated not only the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF), but, according to former senior White House nuclear arms official Frank Miller, every major arms-control agreement it has signed with the United States.

Beirut asks for Russia's air defense net to cover Lebanon as well as Syria Exclusive: Lebanese President Michel Aoun has asked Moscow to bring Lebanese air space under the protection of the Russian air defense system being deployed in Syria, DEBKAfile's military and intelligence sources reveal.

Monday, November 19, 2018


Palestinians: Jewish Tours of Temple Mount are Part of Religious War by Israel In recent years, the PA has been regularly condemning visits by Jewish groups and individuals to the Temple Mount, claiming they were "storming the Aqsa Mosque."

Coalition Crisis: Jewish Home to remain in Netanyahu government Naftali Bennett, Ayelet Shaked say they will remain in Netanyahu's government despite his refusal to appoint Bennett as Defense Minister.

Mr. Security or Mr. Politics? 8 things to know for November 19 A speech by Netanyahu appointing himself defense chief is seen as both the final straw before the government collapses, and the first shot in a looming election campaign.

Netanyahu's Government, It's Still Going Rarely does a speech made by a political leader so move Israelis, who learned the hard way to take what our politicians say with a grain of salt.

Netanyahu takes over defense, nixes election, cites coming security step "with sacrifices" Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu announced Sunday night, Nov. 18 on TV that he was taking over as minister of defense, that an important security step was ahead which would call for "sacrifices," but promised, "we would overcome."

Focus on Temple Mount Returning Blessings to the World Though there is no Temple in Jerusalem, in very many ways, Jewish sources describe the Temple Mount as the viaduct for blessings, spiritual and material, to flow into the world.

Secular people will never get it Op-ed: We should do some soul-searching following the El Al 'Shabbat flight' ordeal: how did we get to a situation in which a religious passenger who wishes to observe the most basic Mitzvah is on public trial for it?

Lieberman's Resignation and Rabin's "Peace Legacy" It is a historical irony that last week's resignation of defense minister Avigdor Lieberman came on the heels of the 23rd anniversary of Yitzhak Rabin's assassination, for it can clearly be seen as the latest casualty of the slain prime minister's "peace legacy."

Here's What to Watch Amid Brexit Turmoil in the U.K. United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May announced last week that her government has reached agreement with its European counterparts on the terms of the U.K.'s exit from the European Union, almost 2 1/2 years after country voted to leave.

USS Truman carrier and strike force bound for waters off Syria amid Russian naval buildup The USS Harry Truman with a strike force of 5 guided missile warships were on their way on Sunday, Nov. 18 to waters off the Syrian coast.

Saturday, November 17, 2018


In first, US votes against UN resolution condemning Israeli presence in Golan Despite American support, world body overwhelmingly condemns Israel, and no one else, in 9 separate resolutions.

U.S. Envoy Warns: Iran May Create Islamic State-Like Terror Group Iran may help give birth to a “maligned” Shiite terrorist group that mirrors the Sunni Islamic State’s (ISIS/ISIL) savagery, the U.S. State Department’s special envoy to Syria cautioned on Thursday.

Labor leader Gabbay calls for early elections ‘as soon as possible’ As Netanyahu battles to save weakened coalition, opposition and coalition partners demand snap elections early next year.

"Death to Israel" song on Hamas TV half-hour before station destroyed About a half hour before Hamas' TV station in the Gaza Strip was bombed by Israel, the station broadcast a music video repeatedly announcing: "Death to Israel." 

New Iranian rocket smuggled into Gaza could threaten IDF defenses including Iron Dome The Palestinian Islamic Jihad was referring to a new artillery rocket from Iran when its Al-Qods wing claimed to have wrecked the Ashkelon on Tuesday, Nov. 13 with a new weapon.

EU army: Will it be easy for Europe to get rid of American political diktat? The creation of a European army would be a boon for Russia-EU relations, various military experts have told RT.

UK leader fights back against critics amid Brexit upheaval British Prime Minister Theresa May fought back against critics of her Brexit deal Saturday, telling opponents from within her party their alternative plans for Britain's departure from the European Union wouldn't work.

How Brexit debacle is uncovering and unraveling the dis-United Kingdom You have to hand it to Britain's Theresa May. She certainly possesses doughty British stiff-upper-lip attitude in the midst of gloom. 

The "Separate" Palestinian State Last week, Hamas began paying salaries to thousands of its employees after Qatar sent a $15 million grant in cash to the Gaza Strip.

Architects, activists slam Jerusalem Old City cable car plan Proponents view the cable car as an innovative solution to traffic woes, while critics call it an eyesore, a Disneyfication of the sacred city or a ploy to further Judaize Jerusalem.

Friday, November 16, 2018


Israel heads toward elections as Jewish Home says it will leave coalition Netanyahu says he will still try to 'preserve right-wing government,' but Jewish Home says elections now inevitable after PM rejects Bennett's demand he be made defense minister.

IDF chiefs impart their wishes for next defense minister. Improper interference in the political process? A new factor has stepped uninvited into Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's struggle to save his government against Naftali Bennett's claim of the defense portfolio: The IDF, or rather its chief of staff Lt. Gen. Gady Eisenkot.

Hamas fights Israel by using civilians as human shields In 2014, Hamas demanded Palestinians stay in their homes and become "Martyrs," despite Israel's warnings their houses would be bombed.

'IDF spent 45 minutes on the phone telling Gazan to leave' British reporter describes the extraordinary lengths IDF went to avoid hurting civilians during the recent flare-up in Gaza.

Trump Admin Moves Toward Recognizing Israeli Sovereignty Over Golan Heights For the first time ever, the United States on Friday intended to vote against an annual UN resolution condemning Israel's annexation of the Golan Heights.

Russia and China Have Made the Mediterranean a Priority, Will the United States Rise to the Challenge? Access to the Mediterranean Sea means access to the world, and Russia and China are seeking to gain veto power, via geopolitical and geoeconomical influence, over other nations' economic, diplomatic and security decisions.

Why Renewed US Sanctions on Iran are Good News for Palestinians What the Hamas official is actually saying is that thanks to Iran's backing, Hamas continues to hold hostage the two million residents of the Gaza Strip, whose lives have been literally destroyed by the Hamas leaders' policies.

How Hamas Wins That's the worst sentence to write: Hamas wins.

DEBATE: What Happened to Arab Support for the Palestinians? While the continuing influence of the Palestinians on the Arab world should not be underestimated, the current landscape in the Middle East is bringing new policy priorities to the fore.

What's going on with Brexit, explained in under 500 words The EU and UK struck a deal on how it would work. Then all hell broke loose.

Thursday, November 15, 2018


IDF: A Special Army Preparing for Gog and Magog The IDF represents Israel's multicultural nature but underneath the wrinkled green uniform is a special army preparing for the very special war that precedes the Messianic era.

Caroline Glick: Iran Opens a War Against Israel from Gaza A Kornet anti-tank missile hit a civilian bus transporting Israeli soldiers adjacent to Israel's border with Gaza at 4:30 in the afternoon on Monday.

ANALYSIS: Widespread Anger in Israel After Ceasefire With Hamas After 460 rockets were fired at southern Israel in a little more than one day, the Israeli government and Hamas entered an Egyptian brokered ceasefire on Tuesday evening.

Amid coalition turmoil, key partners Kahlon and Deri call for early elections Following defense minister's resignation, finance and interior ministers tell Netanyahu that heading to the polls would be beneficial for Israel.

Pope Francis Discusses 'Jerusalem Question' with Israeli President Reuven Rivlin Pope Francis received the President of the State of Israel in the Vatican Thursday to discuss Israeli-Palestinian relations as well as the "Jerusalem question," in a meeting described as cordial and positive.

PA, Russia step up economic ties The Palestinian Authority and Russian Federation have their given bilateral commercial and economic ties a major boost.

Could an EU army become a reality? EU defence ministers have signed off on 17 joint military projects.

Brexit future relationship deal 'not finished' and could still be changed by EU member states, Barnier warns The part of Theresa May's Brexit deal about Britain's future relationship with the EU is "not finished" and could still be changed by EU member states in the coming days, Brussels has said.

Why Renewed US Sanctions on Iran are Good News for Palestinians What the Hamas official is actually saying is that thanks to Iran's backing, Hamas continues to hold hostage the two million residents of the Gaza Strip, whose lives have been literally destroyed by the Hamas leaders' policies.

There Are Choices: Alternatives to 'Two-State' Astonishingly, when presented with different alternatives, only 10% preferred the "two-state" approach.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018


Defense Minister Liberman resigns, says Israel 'capitulated to terror' in Gaza Yisrael Beytenu leader slams 'drastically inadequate' response to massive rocket fire on south, calls for elections as soon as possible; Netanyahu to take over defense portfolio.

Netanyahu Defends Gaza Ceasefire, says Hamas 'Begged' to Stop Fighting PM said leadership is doing the right, not easy thing.

Netanyahu Under Fire as Israelis Protest Gaza Ceasefire Israelis learned about the latest Gaza ceasefire following a two-day, 500-rocket barrage from the likes of Hamas and Al Jazeera.

Palestinian Bombings Spark Fear of New Middle East War As hundreds of rockets hit Israel, U.S. fears derailment of peace process.

Ask the Rabbis: Can Israel Sign a Peace Agreement With Hamas? As parts of an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire were being implemented, fighting again broke out between Hamas Islamists and Israel, raising the question of whether such a cessation is even possible.

The Fragility of Middle East Alliances Competition among Middle Eastern rivals and ultimate power within the region's various alliances is increasingly as much economic and commercial as it is military and geopolitical.

Massive Missile Attack on Israel after Qatar Funds Hamas The renewed Hamas attacks on Israel serve as a reminder that the terrorist group is not interested in a real truce.

Belgium's poor administration or willful blindness? With its one hand, Belgium condemned PA terror glorification in schools and cut off all funding to the PA Ministry of Education after the PA named two schools after terrorist murderer Dalal Mughrabi.

Brexit: Britain's messy EU divorce faces new showdown British Prime Minister Theresa May will try to win the support of her divided Cabinet on Wednesday for a draft deal to leave the European Union after months of stalled talks, bickering and setbacks that have threatened the messy divorce known as Brexit and May's leadership.

VP Pence said to be gearing up for all-out Cold War with China unless it bows to all US demands Washington expects Beijing to undertake a dramatic change in all of its policies to accommodate US demands and is prepared for prolonged hostilities if it does not, Vice President Mike Pence reportedly said.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018


Rockets, mortars from Gaza continue despite reports of 3:30 p.m. ceasefire Arabic news outlets report Gaza terror groups agree to request from Egyptians to halt attacks in order to give ceasefire a chance.

IDF Amasses Troops Along Border with Gaza Ahead of Escalation "The IDF is determined to fulfill its mission of defending Israeli citizens, and is prepared and ready for a variety of scenarios, as necessary," the army said in a statement.

IDF: Hamas to feel our 'full intensity' Iron Dome intercepts 60 out of 200 rocket launches as Israel finds itself under siege.

In Macron's battle for Europe, Trump is a foe President Emmanuel Macron seemed to many to be speaking for Europe, even the free world, when he denounced nationalism as the "opposite of patriotism" and the enemy of peace and morality as President Trump and Russia's Vladimir Putin looked on. He wasn't.

ANALYSIS: Israel Readies for Third Gaza War The Israel Defense Forces are preparing to call up reservists, IDF spokesman Brig. Gen. Ronen Manelis told reporters on Tuesday morning.

Is Netanyahu Pushing Israel Towards a War? Much anxious talk is swirling these days over the prospect of a military showdown in the Middle East.

Will Israel do what it takes to degrade Hamas after 400 rockets? Israel's deterrent strength is on the line after the Palestinian Hamas fired more than 400 rockets in 5 and-a-half hours on Monday, Nov. 12.

Austrian Chancellor: We're fully committed to Israel's security Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz condemns ongoing rocket attacks from Gaza, calls for violence to stop immediately.

Brexit divorce deal text agreed by EU and UK, May's ministers to meet The European Union and Britain have agreed a draft text of a Brexit withdrawal agreement and Prime Minister Theresa May will present it to her senior ministers on Wednesday.

Shrinking Sea of Galilee has some hoping for a miracle It was not so long ago when swimmers at Ein Gev would lay out their towels in the grass at the edge of the Sea of Galilee.

Monday, November 12, 2018


Netanyahu, Putin Hold 'Substantive' Talks in Paris The Times of Israel reports: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday had a "short talk" with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Paris as world leaders gathered for commemorations marking 100 years since the end of World War I.

In solemn Paris ceremony, Macron leads global WW1 Armistice commemorations French President Emmanuel Macron led tributes to the millions of soldiers killed in World War One on Sunday, using an emotional ceremony in Paris attended by scores of world leaders to warn against nationalism a century on from the conflict.

Macron Auditions for Merkel's Role German Chancellor Angela Merkel's thirteen-year reign over Germany - and thus the European Union - is almost over.

Palestinians Vow to Defeat Trump's Plan for Peace US President Donald Trump's plan for Middle East peace will fail, just like those of his predecessors, if the Palestinian Authority has anything to say about the matter.

How to explain the 'timid' reaction of American Jewish leaders to Kristallnacht? Amid the worst pogrom to take place in Germany since the Middle Ages, most US Jewish communal leaders told their constituents to keep quiet.

The War in Syria Has Been a Boon for the Russian Military Deficiencies have been revealed by the Russian military's experience in Syria, proving the conflict to be a valuable learning experience.

UK PM May stares into Brexit abyss as domestic opposition mounts Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit strategy came under attack from all sides on Monday, increasing the risk that her plan for leaving the EU will be voted down by parliament and thrust the United Kingdom toward a potentially chaotic "no-deal" Brexit.

Alarm over talks to implant UK employees with microchips Britain's biggest employer organisation and main trade union body have sounded the alarm over the prospect of British companies implanting staff with microchips to improve security.

Netanyahu to Hold Security Consultations on Gaza Security consultations will focus on the ongoing cease-fire talks which got a setback after a firebattle between the IDF and Hamas last night.

Israel and Hizballah trade threats over Iran-supplied precision-guidance missiles Israel has sent a final warning to the Lebanese government that it will destroy Hizballah's new factories for upgrading its missiles unless they were shut down, DEBKAfile's military sources report.

Saturday, November 10, 2018


Trump Arrives In Paris Ahead Of WW1 Commemoration Ceremony Trump is in Paris this weekend to bolster the US-European alliance at commemorations to mark the 100th anniversary of the end of World War One.

'Very insulting': Trump bashes Macron's idea of European army for protection from Russia, China & US US President Donald Trump has unloaded on his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron, calling the French president's idea of a 'real European army,’ independent from Washington, an insult.

Anti-Semitism in France up 69 percent French PM says anti-Semitic acts in the country rose by 69 percent in the first nine months of 2018.

US and European nations warn Israel liable to attack Lebanon Report: US and European nations tell Lebanon that Israel will start all out war with Hezbollah over missile production.

The Spiritual Significance of Anti-Semitism According to the Anti-Defamation League, the number of reported anti-semitic incidents in the United States was 57% higher in 2017 than in 2016.

Jordan flash floods: Eleven killed and tourists evacuated from Petra Flash floods in Jordan have killed 11 people and forced the evacuation of nearly 4,000 tourists from the ancient city of Petra.

North Carolina Republican Who Said Jews Should Embrace Jesus Wins House Seat A Republican congressional candidate who said in a sermon that Jews and Muslims should convert to Christianity to create peace in Israel won his race for North Carolina’s 9th House District.

Trump's Evangelical Advisers Hear from the Saudi Crown Prince on Khashoggi “I may have caused some of our people to love our kingdom too much.”

The Guessing Game: Will Israel Have Early Elections? The government remaining intact and the country holding its first election on time since 1988 remain a possibility.

Muslim family will not give up keys to iconic Jerusalem church despite pressure A Jerusalem family that holds the keys to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher is resisting community and political pressure to relinquish them.

Friday, November 09, 2018


Donald Trump's New World Order On the afternoon of December 14, 2016, Ron Dermer, Israel's Ambassador to the United States, rode from his Embassy to the White House to attend a Hanukkah party.

US Hopes Russia Will Keep Letting Israel Hit Iran in Syria "Israel has an existential interest in blocking Iran from deploying long-range power projection systems."

Israel Must Make a Decision on Gaza For over a decade, Israel has avoided deciding whether its interests are better served by maintaining the current "two Palestinian states" status quo, or by seeing Gaza rejoin the Palestinian Authority.

Analysis: Why the new Israel-Arab peace initiative will fail Attacks on Israel by Hamas and Fatah have radicalized Palestinians to a point where many of them would not consider any form of compromise.

Sanhedrin Urges Candidates for Jerusalem Mayor to Prepare for Third Temple Jerusalem will have a new mayor next week and more than any other election this year will decide the religious nature of Israel's capital.

Russian special forces land in S. Syria. US Raptors "deter" Syrian, Iranian, Russian combat aircraft Unfolding Russian, US and Israeli military steps are raising the big power stakes in Syria on the eve of a Trump-Putin summit, DEBKAfile's military sources report.

Europeans React to US Elections "Many commentators around the world have looked at the US election results as a chicken looks at a knife: not knowing exactly what to do with it....

Gallant: We're Ready for Peace With Arab States 'We have shared interests and a shared enemy: Iran'

'We tell Europe: Israel is legal sovereign in Jerusalem' Den. Dir. of J'lem and Heritage Ministry speaks with Arutz Sheva about visit to EP to explain J'lem's legal status as Israeli by intn'l law.

Kristallnacht anniversary: France warns of steep rise in anti-Semitism On the 80th anniversary of the Nazi Kristallnacht attack on Germany's Jews, French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe has revealed a 69% increase in anti-Semitic incidents this year.

Thursday, November 08, 2018


COMMENTARY: Terrorists Smell Blood With Israel now on a war footing as Gaza-based terrorists rain down yet more rockets on the Jewish state, we can anticipate yet more bloodshed in the ongoing conflict.

Report: Al-Sisi persuades Abbas to agree to Hamas-Israel ceasefire terms Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has persuaded Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to agree to a ceasefire understanding between Israel and Hamas, which the Egyptian intelligence has worked for months to achieve, according to a report in the London-based Arabic daily Al-Hayat.

Brexit: Jeremy Hunt hails 'bond of friendship' with France The UK and France will remain "tied by bonds of friendship" for decades after Brexit, Jeremy Hunt has said.

Why Macron's EU army wouldn't keep Europe safe During Britain's EU referendum, Remain campaigners liked to claim that the case for Leaving didn't just depend on false promises about life after the EU, but also on outlandish claims about the ambitions of EU federalists.

US urges Russia to allow resumed Israeli air strikes in Syria Special US envoy for Syria, James Jeffrey, said on Wednesday, Nov. 7, "We certainly hope Russia's permissive approach will continue" for Israeli air strikes in Syria against Iranian targets, despite its supply of S-300 air defense systems to the Syrian government.

Ancient springs and stunning vistas: A desert day trip just outside Jerusalem Biblical history and vibrant nature abound in the Judean hills, where visitors can bathe in an ancient oasis and walk in the footsteps of the Good Samaritan.

Muhammad bin Salman: For Better or for Worse? Embattled Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman could prove to be not only a cat with nine lives but a cat that makes surprising jumps.

Macron praises Nazi collaborator, raising Jewish community's ire French president praises Nazi collaborator and defends his plan to honor him, sparking tension with Jewish community leaders.

China & India to drive the world's nuclear power production growth -experts Nuclear power production will grow by about 46 percent by 2040, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA) which highlighted that more than 90 percent of the net increase will come from China and India.

Louis Farrakhan, in Iran, Warns Trump Against Starting Middle East War 'at the Insistence of Israel' Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam, warned President Donald Trump on Thursday from Iran not to pull "the trigger of war in the Middle East at the insistence of Israel."

Wednesday, November 07, 2018


Supreme Court okays discrimination against Jews on Temple Mount Supreme Court rejects petition against use of metal detectors against Jewish visitors to Temple Mount, while Muslims ascend without checks.

With Mideast Peace Plan, Kushner Prepares His Debut Trump's son-in-law will be the public face of his White House peace effort, breaking a two-year habit of working behind the scenes.

Netanyahu Says When Israel Projects Strength, No One Cares About So-Called 'Occupation' When Israel projects weakness, it invites the international community to make dangerous demands regarding the so-called "occupation" of Palestinian territories.

There Is No Political Solution for Gaza The claim that an agreement among the US administration, the Palestinian Authority, and the Egyptians to allow the PA to turn the financial screws on Hamas would culminate in the PA's reassertion of control over the Gaza Strip could not be further from reality.

October 2018, Record Month for Israeli Tourism October proved to be the best month for Israeli tourism, thanks to almost 500,000 tourists injecting $676.3 million into the economy, according to the country's Tourism Ministry.

ANALYSIS: Israeli TV Reveals the Truth About Hamas in Gaza It doesn't happen a lot that Israelis have the opportunity to see with their own eyes what Hamas is doing in Gaza, especially after the start of the 'Great March of Return' which started at the end of March and continues until this day.

Palestinian Threats to Arab Normalization with Israel "There's no place for the [Israeli] enemy on the map." - Ismail Haniyeh, Hamas leader, October 29, 2018.

Weber v Stubb: Will one of these men lead the EU? Europe's centre-right parties are gathering in Helsinki to select their candidate in the race to succeed Jean-Claude Juncker as president of the European Commission in 2019.

Europe was sick of the Jews and planned to get rid of them: PA explains the Balfour Declaration and European support for Zionism It's that time of the year again... when Palestinian Authority officials lash out at former British Foreign Minister Arthur Balfour and curse him and Britain on the anniversary of Balfour's declaration from 1917 that Britain favored "the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people."

World War 3: Donald Trump security advisor warns Iran will be 'squeezed until pips squeak' WORLD WAR 3 fears were sparked on Monday when Iran launched countrywide military drills following the implementation of President's Donald Trump's "toughest ever" sanctions on oil exports, shipping and banks in Iran.

Tuesday, November 06, 2018


California Earthquakes: Seismologists Search Depths, But Cause May Be in Heavens Last week, two separate geologic faults generated swarms of earthquakes on the west coast of the United States.

Shin Bet chief: Apparent calm in Judea and Samaria is deceiving Head of Shin Bet says 480 attacks thwarted, 500 individual terrorists arrested in past year.

The Middle East "Truce": Why Hamas Cannot Be Trusted These benefits for Hamas are exactly why the proposed truce is dangerous and sends the wrong message to Hamas and other Palestinian terrorists.

Russian Special Envoy Arrives in Iran as U.S. Implements Sanctions Russian President Vladimir Putin's special envoy Alexander Lavrentiev arrived in Tehran, Iran, Monday to express Moscow's rejection of the fresh round of U.S. sanctions.

Israeli Minister Elkin: Syrian S-300s will be attacked if Israeli military or commercial planes hit Israel warned publicly for the first time that its air force would strike Syria's S-300 air defense weapons supplied by Russia and Russian personnel could be in jeopardy.

Iran president warns of 'war situation' as sanctions resume The U.S. re-imposed all sanctions Monday on Iran that once were lifted under its 2015 nuclear deal with world powers, grinding further down on the Islamic Republic's already-ailing economy in what President Hassan Rouhani described as a "war situation" now facing Tehran.

Minister: Israel might destroy Syrian S-300s, even if manned by Russians Elkin says Syrians can't be trusted to use missile system correctly, may inadvertently hit aircraft over Israeli territory, prompting elimination of launchers.

Egyptian Gaza truce draft offering Hamas "Calm for Cash" is unacceptable to Israel Cairo is going out of its way to push Israel into accepting one of the worst deals it has ever been offered, even if the prize on offer is membership of the Sunni bloc Egypt is building with Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Web Company Threatens to Force Christian Pro-Life Website Offline LifeSite, a Christian pro-life news outlet, says its web-hosting company threatened to shut down their site Saturday.

France's Macron pushes for 'true European army' French President Emmanuel Macron has warned that Europeans cannot be protected without a "true, European army", as he marks the centenary of the World War One Armistice.

Monday, November 05, 2018


Sinkholes on the Temple Mount: Illegal Waqf Construction or Prophetic Awakening? The Temple Mount has been the scene of several strange phenomena recently; large sections of the ancient stones suddenly falling away, an inexplicable mist that surrounded the Dome of the Rock, a snake crawling out from between the rocks, and now, a sinkhole has appeared adjacent to the Gate of Mercy.

Netanyahu hails 'historic' Iran sanctions, says his fight against world paid off Prime minister thanks Trump as new penalties against Tehran go into effect after pullout from nuclear deal, claims move will put Iranian regime 'in a choke hold'.

PA lies, presents Holocaust victims as Arabs PA TV showed a photo with rows of dead bodies claiming they were Arabs killed by Israelis in the Arab village of Al-Dawayima in 1948.

The Middle East "Truce": Why Hamas Cannot Be Trusted These benefits for Hamas are exactly why the proposed truce is dangerous and sends the wrong message to Hamas and other Palestinian terrorists.

Is Replacement Theology Fueling Anti-Semitism in America? In the wake of the Pittsburgh atrocity on October 27, the founder of a nationally recognized watchdog group - active in confronting anti-Semitism - issued a stark warning about the dangers of replacement theology fueling an uptick in Jew-hatred.

GOP candidate: No peace in Israel until Jews, Muslims convert to Christianity Days before midterm elections, CNN exposes sermons by North Carolina pastor in which he called Islam 'dangerous' and the 'satanic trinity'.

Sisi: Peace with Israel is 'stable and permanent' Egyptian President hails peace agreement with Israel, says most Egyptians support it.

Are you ready for a chip implant? You walk into a grocery store and pick up eggs. No smartphone? No problem. You swipe your hand across a reader, and the amount is deducted from your bank account.

Brexit ministry board member tells companies to prepare for no deal Susan Hooper, a British executive who sits on the board of the Brexit ministry, told businesses to prepare for a no-deal exit on Monday as time starts to run down on the "almost impossible task" of finding an agreement that works for everyone.

Hike of the Month-Wadi Qelt The best way to explore Wadi Qelt is by hiking in and above the deep canyon.

Saturday, November 03, 2018


'We're prepared to use force if Gaza situation blows up' Senior Israeli diplomatic official says Israel prefers to exhaust efforts to reach Gaza ceasefire but is also ready to act if talks fail.

Netanyahu Rebukes ‘Hostile’ E.U. Ahead of Bulgaria Trip The European Union’s “hypocritical and hostile attitude” towards Israel was called out by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday as he left for talks with four eastern European leaders in Bulgaria.

Netanyahu in Europe: Strengthen the Saudis despite Khashoggi Israeli PM, first foreign leader to be invited to Craiova Forum, uses pulpit to urge change in EU's Mideast policy.

Jamal Khashoggi murder: What is Turkey's game with Saudi Arabia? Type "Erdogan slams…" into Google and the list is endless - the UN, the EU, Israel, French intellectuals, the Netherlands, Germany. 

Israel takes part in US-led exercise in Ukraine against S-300s, hooks up with US-Kiev ties ThAt a high point in the interplay of US-Russian rivalries between Syria and Ukraine, Israeli jets were discovered taking part in a Western air drill in Ukraine.

Who will succeed Mahmoud Abbas? Mahmoud Abbas is almost 83, a heavy smoker, and a very sick man; although no one knows when he intends to retire, the battle over his many roles and titles is already heating up behind the scenes; these are the top contenders to replace him.

France To Offer Its Own Israeli-Palestinian Peace Plan If U.S. Fails Experts contend that any viable solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict must be multilateral in scope, though such a strategy appears unlikely at present.

Life Returning Slowly to Christian Homeland in Iraq Christians are gradually returning to their historic homeland in northern Iraq, after three years of ISIS occupation.

Analyst says 'New Age' beliefs more popular as fewer Americans follow traditional religions The growing popularity of "New Age" beliefs likely stems in part from fewer Americans following traditional religions, according to political analyst Ruy Teixeira.

The end of GOD? Claims humans will ‘worship AI Messiah’ HUMANS will worship at the altar of an Artificially Intelligent God, it has been claimed.

Friday, November 02, 2018


Tens of thousands expected to flood Hevron this Shabbat Thousands of Israelis, lawmakers, and public figures will throng Hevron as part of annual 'Shabbat Hevron'.

Brazil to move Embassy to Jerusalem, New Brazilian President Bolsonaro says "Israel is a sovereign state and we shall duly respect that," Bolsonaro writes.

Saudi Arabia's crown princes hosts Christian evangelical leaders Some of the figures' support for Israel, which the kingdom does not officially recognize, is also striking.

IDF Bracing for Gaza Tension Hamas said it will lower violence to give Egyptian mediation a chance.

Is A Snake Appearing From Temple Mount Connected to the Messiah and Third Temple? A snake wriggling out from between the stones of the Western Wall in search of a meal brought with it a message straight from Jewish mystical teachings; connecting the archetypal enemy of man with the High Priest in the Temple, and also, perhaps, serving as a harbinger of the Messiah.

PM: Iran 'most potent force of militant Islam'; threatens Israel, Europe alike In Bulgaria for international forum, Netanyahu says West must 'stand together' in countering threat to its civilization.

The New Jihad: More Threatening Than Ever It is important to emphasize that radical Islamists use means other than terrorism to gain ground.

ANALYSIS: Israel at the Center of a New Order in the Middle East This has been a historical week with events that showed the old Middle Eastern order has ended while Israel is at the center of a new order.

Netanyahu: Khashoggi killing was 'horrendous,' but Saudi stability is paramount In Bulgaria, PM says Riyadh's role in countering Iran must be maintained; meeting with Balkan leaders, premier says Israel's world status 'rising'.

The Not-So-Secret Way Israel Dominates the Battlefield Israel was one of the first customers for the American F-15 fighter.