Tuesday, November 17, 2020


 Emiratis unperturbed by fatwa banning them from prayers on Temple Mount In spite of a fatwa issued by the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Emiratis remain defiant and will not be bullied.

Trump’s aides held him back from a strike on Iran’s nuclear site in his last days of office – report President Donald Trump asked his top security aides for options to strike Iran’s main nuclear facility in his last days of office, according to a New York Times report on Monday, Nov. 17/ He was said to have been dissuaded from such action by those aides, who warned him it could trigger a wider regional conflict.

Iran warns of ‘crushing response’ after Trump said to mull strikes on nuke sites Threat follows NY Times report that US president last week weighed military options, but was dissuaded by aides; Pompeo, present at those talks, to arrive in Israel on Wednesday.

Iran says U.S. move against it would face 'crushing' response Any U.S. attack on Iran would face a “crushing” response, an Iranian government spokesman said on Tuesday, following reports U.S. President Donald Trump asked for options for a strike on Iran’s main nuclear site last week but decided against doing so.

Saudi Media Exposes Palestinian Lie: Al Aqsa Mosque Isn't on Temple Mount A Saudi Arabian journalist published an article in a prominent Saudi newspaper describing the historical roots of that the myth that the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is the third holiest site in Islam.

The gang assault on Israel at the 75th session of the UN General Assembly A squad of the most non-democratic countries will use upcoming UN General Assembly session for more Israel-bashing resolutions. Op-ed.

A Watershed Moment for the Middle East Israel's new agreements with the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Sudan, new agreements for airline overflights of countries with which Israel has no new peace or economic pacts, a new aviation agreement with Jordan and general Saudi and Egyptian approval have brought what many are calling a "watershed moment."

Qatar FM: Normalisation with Israel undermines Palestinian statehood efforts Qatar’s foreign minister said on Monday Arab states that establish ties with Israel undermine efforts for Palestinian statehood, but it was in their own sovereign right to do so.

Sea change: Building a naval base in Sudan is the first crucial step in restoring Russia’s maritime power The Russian fleet needs a well-developed system of overseas military bases. Its planned logistics center on Sudan’s Red Sea coast is the first step – but one of exceptional significance.

Corona Shut Down All Jewish Holidays Except For The One That's An Omen to Messiah's Arrival One unfortunate and painful effect of the pandemic is the cancellation of holiday celebrations. But even this social phenomenon was described by the sages as a sign, or perhaps a necessary condition, for the Messianic era.