Friday, April 19, 2013


* Huge manhunt for Boston bomb suspect Large parts of the city of Boston remain in virtual lockdown amid a major manhunt for one of two brothers suspected of bombing the city's marathon.

* U.S. Investigating Use of Chemical Weapons in Syria U.S. intelligence agencies are investigating accounts from European allies that Syria may have used chemical weapons in its war against opposition forces.

* Pro- and anti-Islamist protesters clash in Egypt Clashes erupted Friday between several hundred opponents and supporters of Egypt's Islamist president during a rally.

* 'Intolerable that Jews cannot pray on Temple Mount' Israeli lawmaker Miri Regev intends to use her new position as head of the Knesset Interior Committee to advance the right of Jews to pray atop Jerusalem's Temple Mount.

* North Korea demands US withdrawal from peninsula before resuming talks North Korea has issued a detailed statement on its terms for dialogue with the United States, after weeks of tensions.

* Euro Zone Crisis Has Increased I.M.F.'s Power When Wolfgang Schäuble, the German finance minister and war horse of European politics, celebrated his 70th birthday at a theater in Berlin last September, two of the most powerful women in the world offered warm words in his honor.

* Israel, UAE, Saudis in huge US arms deal The US Department of Defense is nearing the finalization of a $10 billion arms deal with Israel, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

* Poland's Jews Mark 70th Anniversary of Ghetto Uprising The young Jews who rose up against Nazi Germany "wanted to save human dignity", a Polish underground activist said.

* Stephen Hawking vs G-d on Creation of the Universe World renowned physicist Stephen Hawking told a packed audience in California this week that the Big Bang did not require G-d for creation.

* Boy Scouts propose lifting ban on gays, but only for youth The Boy Scouts of America on Friday moved to partially lift its long-standing ban on gays.