Tuesday, October 24, 2017


Hezbollah-Aligned German Center Declares 'Resistance' Against Israel The NRW state intelligence agency - roughly equivalent to Shin Bet in Germany - monitors Al Mahdi because it represents a threat to German democracy.

In Unusual Letter Kim Jong Un Announces N. Korea "Fully Nuclear" In a peculiar letter to the Australian Foreign Minister, North Korean despot Kim Jong Un stated that his country is "fully-fledged nuclear power".

The silent Arab takeover of the Jordan Valley PA attempting to consolidate control over Jordan Valley by encouraging establishment of illegal outposts in Area C - backed by foreign aid.

Filmmaker: Jews killed in Holocaust because they didn't blend in 'Vast majority of Hasidic Jews killed in Holocaust because they refused to blend in,' says documentary film director.

'Interference': Iraq PM's office rejects Tillerson's call for Iran-backed militias to 'go home' In a tight-lipped statement, Baghdad rejected a call by US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson for Iran-backed Shia militias to "go home" after the demise of Islamic State in Iraq.

The Iran-Hamas Plan to Destroy Israel In a historic reawakening, Iran is once again meddling in the internal affairs of the Palestinians.

Iranian commandos take over elite Syrian army unit Iran has transferred elements of its elite 65th Brigade to Syria. On arrival on Saturday Oct. 21, they assumed command of the Syrian Malik Ashtar commando brigade.

What Iraq's Recent Moves Against Kurds Mean for Israel and Region Israel is concerned about Iran being emboldened by another victory in Iraq at the same time that a Hamas delegation is in Tehran.

Kurds win Syrian oil under secret US-Russian deal - prize for Raqqa US-backed Syrian Kurdish militias reported Sunday, Oct. 22, the capture of Syria's biggest oil field of al-Omar in the eastern Deir Ez-Zour province.

Netanyahu Rejects IDF Choices for Military Secretary, Wants Commander Who Told Troops to Fight in God's NamePrime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will soon announce his choice for his next military secretary.

'World is a dangerous place': US prepares to put B-52 nuclear bombers on high alert The US Air Force is renovating Cold War-era launch pads as it prepares to put its strategic bombers on constant 24-hour alert to engage in potential nuclear conflict for the first time since the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991.

Millennials Ditching Church for Astrology, Witchcraft Pew Research has found that an entire generation of Americans have ditched religion for spirituality-leaving the Church for astrology and witchcraft-and it's quickly getting worse.

In Syrian barrage, a confident message signed by Iran and Russia The fire that hit Israel Saturday was likely no accident, especially as Assad is riding high with the help of his friends.

Catalonia Spain: Officials 'won't follow orders from Madrid' Catalan authorities will not follow orders from the Spanish government if Madrid moves to reassert control over the region, a senior official says.