Friday, March 04, 2016


NATO: Russia in the way of solving Syrian conflict  NATO says Russia is complicating the search for a solution to the Syrian conflict by bombing moderate opposition groups. 

Hamas: Infiltrations into Israeli settlements to manifest the next phase of the 'intifada'  "In the next days, the West Bank's settlers will witness additional surprises from Hamas," the Palestinian terror group declared Thursday. 

Syrian ceasefire holds, paves way to transition - Putin, European leaders  During a conference call with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the leaders of the UK, France, Germany and Italy all agreed the Syrian ceasefire is a milestone achievement creating favorable conditions for inter-Syrian dialogue. 

Is there a peace treaty with Egypt?  Ex-ambassador says huge majority that voted to dismiss MP who met Israeli shows 'the basic enmity in Arab states towards Israel.' 

Hamas said to have fully restocked its missile arsenal  Israeli assessment says terror group back at rocket total from before Operation Protective Edge, just 1.5 years later. 

Tattoo Culture in the Holy City: The stories behind Jerusalem's ink  Despite the fact that two out of the three monotheistic religions in Jerusalem ban tattoos, you don't have to look far to find someone with ink on their skin in the Holy City. 

How widespread is the terrorist fringe among religious Jewish youth?  Leaders of the religious Zionist world say the price tag/hilltop youth phenomenon is a rebellion against their theology. 

Hezbollah vows to invade Israel in the next war  Unique sneak peak into Iran-proxy terror group reveals its updated arsenal and experience, and its confidence next war will be different. 

North Korean leader: Be ready to use nuclear weapons  Kim Jong Un orders his country to be ready to use nuclear weapons "at any time" in the face of a growing threat from "enemies". 

EU plan to save Schengen unveiled ahead of crunch summit  It is a last-ditch attempt to save Schengen.