Saturday, September 22, 2018


Jews erect Sukkot in preparation for holiday Throughout Israel, Jews commence building Sukkot to celebrate 7 day festival beginning Sunday evening; devout Jews scrutinize etrogs, palm fronds, myrtle and willow branches at 4 species markets.

How a Chinese fruit became a Sukkot symbol A new book researched over a decade by Rabbi David Moster says that ancient Jews used any fruit on hand for the four species ritual, including pomegranates, dates, figs, or grapes.

Trump Admin Pressed to Deny Palestinian President Entry to U.S. Pro-Israel activists seek to block Abbas from U.S. for terror ties.

State Department: Palestinian Authority Funding Terrorists Instead of Hospitals The Trump administration on Thursday said that Palestinian plans to pay the family of a terrorist who killed an American-Israeli last week showed why the US was correct in cutting funding for East Jerusalem hospitals.

Netanyahus Host Post-Yom Kippur Bible Study Event Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife, Sara, held a public Bible study session at their official residence, last night.

Iran military parade attacked by gunmen in Ahvaz Gunmen have opened fire on an Iranian military parade in the south-western city of Ahvaz, killing at least 25 people, including civilians, and injuring 60, state media say.

The Tehran Summit and Iran’s Regional Ambitions The recent Russian-Turkish-Iranian summit in Tehran underscored the Islamic Republic’s determination to take an active and central part in the future reconstruction of Syria so as to promote a range of civilian and security interests that are bound to work to Israel’s detriment.

PA arrests Palestinians for selling land to Israelis/Jews, follows Mufti's religious prohibition Earlier this year, the Palestinian Authority Mufti ruled that Islam forbids selling land to "enemies," as reported by Palestinian Media Watch. Doing so would be "treason" and "a sin."

Abbas bluster at UN isn’t what should worry Israel With sources saying PA chief is prepared to sever the flow of PA funds to Gaza if his demands to Hamas not met, the threat of violent conflict grows.

Why is Sukkot the most joyous time of the year? The Ushpizin: Welcoming the seven holy shepherds into the Sukkah.