Thursday, March 01, 2012


* Russia, China join Security Council statement on Syria crisis The United Nations Security Council urged Syria to halt a humanitarian crisis taking place in the country.

* 2 US troops killed in Afghanistan following Koran burning Two American soldiers were killed Thursday in a shooting by an Afghan soldier and a literacy teacher at a joint base in southern Afghanistan.

* Female terrorist hosts talk show on Hamas TV Ahlam Tamimi, who drove the Sbarro bomber in 2001 and was released in the Gilad Schalit deal, hosting a show on prisoners.

* Russia upgrades radar station in Syria to aid Iran Russia has upgraded a surveillance station it maintains in Syrian territory in order to provide Iran early warning of an Israeli attack.

* U.S. has military plan should Iran conflict erupt, says air force chief U.S. Air Force Chief of Staff General Norton Schwartz said Wednesday that Washington has prepared military options to strike Iran's nuclear sites should conflict erupt.

* Putting the Mideast energy risk in perspective The Middle East and North Africa (MENA), usually at the forefront of concerns about political stability, poses relatively little risk to the world's energy supplies from domestic instability.

* Turkey's Erdogan to visit Iran following nuclear summit Turkish Prime Minister will visit Iran next month to discuss the results of preceding nuclear security summit in South Korea.

* Iran elections: The most important ever, says Khamenei Iran's Islamic regime is using every tool to convince Iranians to vote tomorrow in parliamentary elections.

* For Vladimir Putin, winning Russia's presidency may be the easy part he Russian election has been engineered for a Vladimir Putin victory.

* 'Missiles on Israel preferable to nuclear Iran' Former top Israeli official predicts Iran's reaction to Israeli strike will cause thousands of casualties, but '40 rockets are better than nuclear Iran'.