Friday, December 20, 2013


Iran stages war games as nuclear talks resume The Iranian Air Force was set to launch large-scale drills Friday.

Internal Islamist feud in Turkey threatens stability of Erdogan's government Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan is facing the greatest challenge to his rule since the protests that erupted in the summer in Gezi Park.

West prefers Assad over Islamists in Syria, Russian FM says Western diplomats are increasingly saying that President Bashar Assad keeping power is a better option for Syria.

Jordan to Israel: Stop Watching Temple Mount The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan wants Israel to take its "hungry eyes" off the Temple Mount.

Putin Backs Israel's Security Needs in Middle East A pact was forged between Moscow and Jerusalem to ensure Israel's security during a private meeting last month.

S Sudan on precipice of civil war, Obama warns US President Barack Obama has warned that South Sudan is on the "precipice" of a civil war, after clashes in the capital Juba spread around the country.

Ugandan MPs pass life in jail anti-homosexual law The anti-homosexuality bill also makes it a crime punishable by a prison sentence not to report gay people.

Radical Cleric: It's OK to Blow Yourself Up 'For Allah' "Blowing oneself up for the sake of Allah is acceptable,"" according to a radical Muslim cleric who recently spoke to a Lebanese television network.

Pope's First Holy Land Trip: 'in May' Pope Francis is to make a brief visit to Israel and the territory occupied by the Palestinian Authority on May 25.

Nasrallah: Israel will be 'punished' for Laqqis' death The leader of Lebanon's Hezbollah warned Friday that the Israelis would be "punished" for killing a leader of the Shiite party.