Thursday, August 12, 2021


 Recent Israel-Lebanon escalation shows Iran and Hezbollah are attack against one is seen as an attack against both Israel has started talking tough about going to war with Iran. Then Hezbollah sent a reality check.

Palestinians: Israel not doing a ‘favor’ by authorizing homes The Civil Administration is expected next week to advance plans for building the new homes in Area C, which is exclusively controlled by Israel.

Israel preparing to resume settlement building in West Bank Minister says there are plans for 2,000 new housing units for Jewish settlers in Palestinian territories.

Fatah official brags that 12% of jihad terrorist prisoners are from Palestinian Security Forces Jibril Rajoub’s brag that 12% of jihadi prisoners are from the Palestinian Security Forces should be a further reminder that the “Palestinian resistance” has always been an Islamic jihad against the State of Israel, presented as a “resistance” to gull the Left.

Israel gives CIA chief Burns dossier claiming Iran's Raisi is 'demented extremist' US foreign intelligence chief visits ME at time of great tension between Jewish state, Islamic Republic.

In Sheikh Jarrah, anonymous actors and an absent state have created a powder keg Israel sees a real estate dispute hijacked by propagandists; Palestinians say it’s part of an Israeli policy to erase them in Jerusalem. Who’s right? And why does it resonate so?

The Radicalization of the Israeli Arabs The May 2021 riots by the Israeli Arabs, like their October 2000 precursor, were not an act of social protest but a nationalist/Islamist insurrection in support of an external attack.

What is in store for the world? Based on Rabbinic sources: The true intentions of the ruthless Islamic State of Iran-Persia at this time in history.

Europe: Mass Protests Against Covid-19 Vaccine 'Passports' Protests are erupting in cities across Europe in response to government efforts to impose so-called Covid passports, documents that show proof of immunization against Covid-19.

If no more two-state solution, then what? - opinion ENCOUNTERING PEACE: THIS IS not a shallow argument of one state or two states; the political solutions of the future will probably be much more complex.