Thursday, May 16, 2019


Iranian firewall set for US cyberattack - payback for Tehran's strikes on Gulf oil The successful testing of a firewall for protecting Iran's "industrial facilities" against cyberattack was suddenly revealed by Iran's Telecommunications Minister Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi on Thursday, May 16.

The Iranian Government's 40 Years of Hatred Towards America It was Iran, not the US, that breached international law by carrying out the US Embassy takeover in Tehran...

How a US citizen may soon control Libya As evermore congressional hearings dominate American headlines, a shadowy leader and a massive new offensive are quietly engulfing Africa's most oil-rich country.

Saudi paper urges military strikes against Iran The Riyadh daily Arab News called for targeted military strikes against the Islamic Republic of Iran because Tehran is suspected of using its proxies to attack Saudi and United Arab Emirates energy and oil installations.

A U.S.-Iran confrontation will inevitably include Israel There are four likely scenarios in which the Jewish state will find itself under attack by Tehran and/or its proxies, and Israeli defense establishment is not taking the threat lightly.

Court backs closure of Temple Mount to Jews on Jerusalem Day Supreme Court rejects appeal against closing Temple Mount to Jews on Jerusalem Day, backs police decision bar Jews because of Ramadan.

War Crime!: Placing a Note in the Western Wall I urge all visitors to join me in a conspiracy to violate the UN Security Council Resolution...Obama, himself, engineered the Resolution.

Muslim Terrorist Training Camp Found in Alabama The second facility linked to jihadist Siraj Ibn Wahhaj.

Popular Children's Program Promotes Homosexuality The newest episode of the popular children's animated television series Arthur had some big news for Israeli children who faithfully follow the show: Mr. Ratburn got married-to a man.