Thursday, July 19, 2018


Israel passes Jewish state law, enshrining 'national home of the Jewish people' After hours of furious debate, Knesset narrowly approve quasi-constitutional Basic Law, which critics say discriminates against Arabs and other minority communities.

EU expresses concern over Israel's Jewish nation-state law The European Union on Thursday said it was concerned about a new Israeli law which declares that only Jews have the right of self determination, and said it would complicate a two-state solution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

In Israel, hard-right Hungarian PM hails himself and Netanyahu as 'patriots' Meeting with the premier, Viktor Orban celebrates 'excellent ties,' vows 'zero tolerance' for anti-Semitism, claims Jew-hatred declining in Eastern Europe while rising in the West.

Why Netanyahu is cozying up to Europe's renegades As Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu bumps heads with Western European leaders over their support for their Iran nuclear deal and their ubiquitous criticism of Israeli settlements, he has found a different set of European allies.

Russia concerned about military confrontation between Israel and Iran "We do everything possible to prevent the escalation of the conflict," said Russian Ambassador to Iran Levan Dzhagaryan.

Did Isaac Newton Study Solomon's Temple to Learn About Physics? Saul Kullok, a scientist with many patents to his name who has used his mathematical genius to study the Bible, has discovered clues in the construction of Solomon's Temple that describe scientific principles with remarkable accuracy.

Why Iran Supports Palestinian Terror Groups The Iranian general did not offer to build the Palestinians a hospital or a school.

Unlikely partners? China and Israel deepening trade ties On paper Israel and China are unlikely close trading partners.

British people would rather stay in the EU than accept a no-deal Brexit A new poll suggests Remain would defeat no-deal Brexit by 55% to 45% in three-way referendum based on first and second preference.

Quneitra falls to Syrian army. Damascus: 1974 accord permits Syrian air flights over Israel's Golan border Syrian rebel resistance to the Syrian Army advance on Quneitra opposite the Israeli Golan crumbled on Thursday, July 19, in the absence of Israeli military support.