Tuesday, August 18, 2020


Trump: We moved the capital of Israel to Jerusalem for the Evangelicals His statement in Oshkosh is one of a number of comments he has made about the link between his pro-Israel policies and Christianity.

With UAE deal, Israel opens tentative new chapter with Gulf Arabs "Historic"; "A breakthrough"; "A game-changer"; "A betrayal": there is no shortage of epithets for this month's sudden announcement - by President Trump - that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is to fully normalise its relations with Israel.

Progress Versus Stagnation, Reality Versus Fantasy  How often in one's lifetime do we get to hear world leaders announce a peace accord to end a decades-long conflict. Rarely.

The Israel-UAE Peace Agreement Spells Trouble for Ankara and Tehran In an extraordinary breakthrough, the United Arab Emirates and Israel have agreed to establish open diplomatic relations after years of secret contacts.

It's Official: Palestinians Join Iran-led Anti-Peace Camp By holding a political protest at the compound of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Palestinians are not only desecrating the sanctity of the site, but also sending a warning to citizens of UAE not to visit Jerusalem or the mosque, as many apparently hoped to do.

Why you should care about Belarus It’s very important in the context of Russia’s desire to establish a strong sphere of influence in its neighborhood, because Belarus provides a buffer of sorts between Russia and one of NATO’s key frontiers (Poland, which hosts two U.S. Army battalions).

Trump must tell Putin to stay out of Belarus, says his former national security adviser John Bolton President Donald Trump must tell Vladimir Putin to "stay out of Belarus," according to his former national security adviser John Bolton, as fears grow in the West that Russia could intervene to assist under-fire president President Alexander Lukashenko.

As EU talks sanctions, Putin warns Merkel & Macron foreign interference in Belarus’ affairs is ‘unacceptable’ & could backfire Russian President Vladimir Putin has told his German and French counterparts Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron that any attempt by outside forces to intervene in the political crisis in Belarus would be counterproductive.

China, Russia Plan Meeting to Avoid 'Confrontation' Between Iran, U.S. Just days after the United States lost a bid to extend a United Nations arms embargo on Iran, China and Russia agreed to a summit aimed at avoiding potential conflict between the U.S. and Tehran.

Libya Unity Govt Signs Military Accord With Qatar, Turkey Qatar and Turkey have signed an accord to send military advisers and instructors for the armed forces of Libya's Government of National Accord, the UN-recognised GNA said.

Libya conflict: Why Egypt might send troops to back Gen Haftar Imagine the house next door is on fire and there is no fire brigade to call on to avert an imminent disaster about to engulf you and your family.