Wednesday, February 07, 2018


Erdogan, Pope Form Unholy, Anti-Trump Alliance to Control Jerusalem A meeting on Monday between Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Pope Francis may have grave implications for Jerusalem as both leaders appear to be building an agenda based upon their joint opposition to US President Donald Trump's recognition of the city as Israel's capital.

"I Would Have Killed All The Jews in The World": SJP's Holocaust Hate How tolerating Students for Justice in Palestine ignores the lessons of the Holocaust.

Lebanon's Higher Defense Council orders army to stop Israeli border wall Council says if Israel continues building its border wall on territory Beirut considers to be Lebanese, it would be seen as an act of aggression against Lebanon.

France: Turkey and Iran Are Violating International Law in Syria Iran is a key ally of the Syrian government in the seven-year civil war and it says it has no intention of withdrawing unless Syria requested it do so.

Russia livid over Israeli bill to recognize Ukrainian genocide 'Cynical, speculative claim about millions of victims for political reasons; Regrettable our Knesset friends distorted history.'

IDF Joins With Jerusalem Authorities to Combat Terrorism In a move aimed at stemming the tide of Palestinian terrorists illegally entering Israeli communities, especially in areas of Jerusalem where there is lack of an Israel Defense Forces (IDF) presence.

Jews Learn Torah On Temple Mount in Memory of Terror Victim In a powerful response to a horrific terror attack earlier this week, a group of Jews gathered Tuesday on the Temple Mount, the Jewish people's holiest site, to learn Torah in memory of the victim, Rabbi Itamar Ben-Gal.

Germany coalition talks: Merkel's conservatives and SPD clinch deal Germany is set to emerge from months of political deadlock after Angela Merkel's conservatives (CDU/CSU) finally agreed a coalition deal with the centre-left Social Democrats (SPD).

Al Qaida Trying to Regroup in Tunisia After Islamic State Setbacks The Islamic State became a major recruiter for disaffected, often unemployed young men especially from Tunisia.

Paris to host Euromoney Iran Conference Heading a delegation comprised of CBI and Finance Ministry's scholars and experts, Iranian Deputy Finance Minister Mohammad Khazaie will attend this year's event.