Saturday, May 16, 2020


Iran Urges Int’l Support for Palestine Liberation on ‘Nakba Day’ Iran has condemned the Israeli regime’s occupation of the Palestinian land and voiced its support for Palestinian people.

Jordan’s king warns of ‘massive conflict’ if Israel annexes land in West Bank Abdullah does not rule out suspending peace deal with the Jewish state, insists two-state solution ‘the only way forward’.

The Jordan Valley Annexation Dilemma: A Realistic Approach The declared intention of the new Israeli government to pave the way for the implementation of sovereignty in certain parts of the West Bank, with the blessing of the Trump administration, is prompting vigorous debate.

European nations ratchet up pressure on Israel over proposed annexation plans EU states considering limiting Israel's access to preferential markets if it pushes annexation through.

Israel Remains Focused On Iran Rivalry Despite Virus Comments last week from an unnamed Israeli defence official that Iran was reducing its presence in Syria sparked fierce debate about Tehran's next moves and how the Jewish state should respond.

Iran progresses anti-Israel bill, plans to establish embassy in Jerusalem The Iranian parliament approved a bill on Tuesday including a list of measures against the State of Israel, such as the establishment of an Iranian consulate or embassy in Jerusalem to 'Palestine,' boycott measures and bans on contact and agreements between Iran and Israel.

While world focuses on pandemic, ISIS eyes comeback The forces that drove ISIS to the brink are now passing up the opportunity to deliver the coup de grace.

Hassan Nasrallah: Israel targeting missile sites in Syria Hezbollah chief also denies presence of Iranian troops in Syria beyond 'military advisers and experts'.

Christian, Jewish Leaders Respond to God TV’s Attempted Proselytization in Israel In the midst of the controversy over God TV’s plan to broadcast evangelical messages in Hebrew on Israeli cable television, Breaking Israel News asked a number of Christian and Jewish leaders to weigh in.

Israel considers shutting down evangelical Christian God TV's channel “There are 9 million people in Israel who need to hear the gospel of Jesus," channel CEO Ward Simpson said.

On budget eve, EU defence money at risk from coronavirus European Union plans for a multi-billion euro defence fund have been thrown into doubt by the economic shock of the coronavirus, officials and diplomats say, potentially threatening three years of unprecedented military cooperation.

Horowitz on Newsmax TV: Churches are an Essential American Institution In his recent appearance on Newsmax TV, Freedom Center founder discussed with "Greg Kelly Reports" how Democrats are using socialist attitudes to stifle Christian values in the United States.