Wednesday, August 15, 2012


* Terrorists' Goal: World Jihad in Sinai International terrorist groups with roots in Libya, Sudan and Iraq are working to take over the Sinai Peninsula.

* Palestinians condemn calls for Jewish prayer on Temple Mount as 'incitement' The Palestinian Authority on Tuesday condemned Israeli calls to allow Jews to pray on the Temple Mount.

* Israel 'prepared for 30-day war with Iran' Israel's outgoing home front defence minister says an attack on Iran would likely trigger a month-long conflict that would leave 500 Israelis dead.

* Al-Qaeda's 'suicide bombers wanted' ad Apparently low on bombers, al-Qaeda is running a (short-term) employment advertisement on its Shumukh al-Islam Internet forum.

* PA Responds to Israeli 'Good Will' by Honoring Terrorists The Palestinian Authority, which has said it honors its Oslo Accords commitment to stamp out terror and incitement, is building a mausoleum in Ramallah to honor 11 terrorists who killed eight civilian hostages and three IDF soldiers.

* Rabbis to Apple: Remove Anti-Semitic App from iTunes The Conference of European Rabbis on Tuesday called on Apple Inc. to remove an application of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

* 'Image of biblical Samson from 12th century found' Tel Aviv University researchers uncovered an archaeological depiction of the story of Samson.

* Talk of Military Attack May Be Cover for Cyber War on Iran Journalists are scratching their heads to figure out why Israeli and American leaders are leading a daily chatter of a military attack on Iran.

* Iranian Linked 'Al Quds' Ad Campaign Sparks Outrage in London Jewish groups have expressed outrage over an advertisement campaign for an "Al Quds" rally.

* Eurozone crisis spooks US election What does Greece have to do with the next US president? Or the current debate about a "political and fiscal union" in Europe?