Thursday, October 15, 2020


 For First Time Ever: More Jews Pray on Temple Mount Than Western Wall [WATCH] In a recent video taken during Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles), Israeli videographer Moshe Nisimboyim took a tour of Jerusalem’s Old City comparing the turnout at the iconic Western Wall to the Temple Mount.

Netanyahu: 'Perceived for decades as enemy, Israel now seen as strong ally' 'Since beginning of Zionism, one hand is holding the weapon, the other is extended to those who seek peace'.

Netanyahu:'One day, the Palestinians will recognize Israel as the Jewish state' Watch: PM delivers remarks at Knesset hearing for approval of UAE agreement.

UAE terror chief to 'Post': We must pool resources with Israel to fight terror Since 9/11, the UAE has developed a comprehensive strategy to target terrorism in the region, symbolized by its sending troops to Afghanistan alongside the US.

Poll: 79% of Saudis 'see pathway to peace with Israel' As Pompeo met with Saudi FM in Washington DC, 58% of Saudis favorable to President Trump's Mideast plan.

Gantz: Our hand is extended, it’s about time for Palestinians to join journey of peace 'Without a strong Israel, there is no stable Middle East,' Gantz says. Israel's Defense Minister and Alternate Prime Minister Benny Gantz called upon the Palestinians to go back to the negotiating table with Israel.

Iran's Next Move: Arms Transfers to South America? In August, [Colombia's] President Ivan Duque... claimed that the Nicol├ís Maduro regime in Venezuela is looking to acquire medium-to-long-range missiles from the Islamic Republic of Iran.

France warns Turkey of EU sanctions over 'provocations' France has warned Turkey that it could face European Union sanctions, after Ankara redeployed its search vessel on a new energy exploration mission in the eastern Mediterranean.

Spacecraft may hunt for life as it flies past Venus this week Following the discovery of phosphine gas in the clouds of Venus last month, raising the prospects of life, a spacecraft is set to fly by the second planet in the solar system Wednesday.

Nibiru Expert: Record Asteroids in 2020 Means ‘Final Redemption Approaching’ The media has been swamped with COVID-19 updates and election news but a quick look reveals that a surprising number of asteroids have come in close proximity to the earth and even more are on the way.