Wednesday, March 17, 2021


 Russia warns UK nuclear arsenal plan harms global security The Kremlin has said the UK's decision to increase its nuclear arsenal represents a serious blow to arms control. Moscow also said it would take Britain's move into account when working on its own military planning.

Joe Biden backing ‘Putin is a killer’ claim is ‘tantrum of powerlessness’ & attack on whole of Russia, country’s top MP declares Explosive comments made by US President Joe Biden, in which he suggested his Russian counterpart is “a killer,” have ignited a diplomatic row, as Moscow’s chief parliamentarian said the remarks constitute an attack on the country.

‘Iran has capacity to annihilate Zionist regime,’ says top IRGC general Major General Mohammad Bagheri announced to the Iranian media that his forces have “the capacities for the annihilation of the Zionist regime.”

Boris Johnson warns of Iran nuclear breakout, threats to region UK Prime Minister blasts Iranian regime for 'disruptive behavior' in the region as well as harming its own citizens.

Is Russia Trying to Play Kingmaker in Lebanon? For Moscow, Lebanon, a strategic country on the Mediterranean, is an important extension of Putin’s Syria interests.

Libya arms embargo ‘totally ineffective’: UN UN panel of experts says violations of arms embargo are ‘extensive, blatant and with complete disregard for sanctions’.

Election looming, Iran's Rouhani says hardliners sabotage goal to lift sanctions Iran’s pragmatist president accused hardline opponents on Wednesday of obstructing efforts to lift U.S. sanctions, in remarks that demonstrate how an upcoming election in Iran is now looming over the new U.S. administration’s plan for a thaw.

NATO Chief Has ‘Serious Concerns’ About Turkey NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg told the European Parliament on Monday he has “serious concerns” about the Turkish government’s behavior on various issues, “ranging from the eastern Mediterranean, the Turkish decision to buy the Russian air defense system S-400 or related to democratic rights in Turkey.”

PA presents the PLO Charter as currently calling for Israel's destruction PA TV filler cites the PLO Charter presenting the destruction of Israel as “self – defense” and hides that it was supposed to have been amended.

"Xi Jinping Will Not Stop until He Is Stopped": A Conversation with Gordon G. Chang We see Xi's new demands in his intransigent position going into Thursday's meeting in Anchorage.