Saturday, February 09, 2019


Israel Cyber Chief: IDF Repelled Attempted Iranian Missile-Alert Hack Iran tried to hack Israel’s missile-alert system more than a year ago, said Israel Defense Forces’ Cyber Defense Division Commander Noam Sha’ar.

Russia: We won't move embassy to Jerusalem Despite steps to recognize western Jerusalem as Israel's capital, Russia says it won't transfer its embassy.

Russian Diplomat Warns Of Israel-Lebanon Conflict, Slams U.S. For 'Incitement' Russian Ambassador to Lebanon Alexander Zasypkin calls US President Donald Trump's policy regarding Iran and Hezbollah 'negative.'

8,000 Gazans riot along border Hamas says two Arabs killed in weekly "March of the Return" border riots.

Iran protest: ‘Trump is RIGHT’ Europe SAVAGED for soft touch on Iran after ‘YEAR OF SHAME' EUROPE must end its ‘soft touch’ approach on Tehran and follow Donald Trump’s hardline stance on Iran, according to demonstrators who flooded the streets of Paris in a dramatic protest.

Iran's leader celebrates Islamic Revolution's anniversary with cries of 'Death to Trump, Bolton and Pompeo!' In a celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, Iran's Ayatollah Ali Khamenei sought to clear the air with Americans who might take offense at the “Death to America” chants that have marked the nationwide rallies there to mark the occasion.

Why Palestinians Oppose an Anti-Iran Coalition The Palestinians have good reason to believe that some influential Arab countries have given up on both them and the Palestinian cause. 

Armenia sends non-combat team to Syria at Russia's request Team of 83 Armenians includes de-mining experts, medical personnel and security officers who will work in Aleppo.

Russia envoy warns US policy in Mideast could incite 'new conflicts': report The envoy's warning comes as the UN Security Council calls on Lebanon to cease any involvement in foreign wars

Joint US military-IDF exercise begins Preparations at their height for the Juniper Falcon exercise, which aims to deepen cooperation between the two militaries.