Monday, August 27, 2007


* National Command bunker being built Construction on the new National Command Center, where the country's leaders would be rushed to, should Israel suffer a nuclear attack, is rapidly progressing.

* 'Hamas in Damascus ordered a mega attack' Yahiya Moussa, a member of the Hamas parliament in Gaza, said the organization did not change its policy regarding suicide attacks.

* Afghan opium crop 'at record high' Afghanistan's production of poppies is expected to hit a record high this year and will produce nearly all of the world's opium.

* Hebron settlers mull setting up own state Hebron today is dead quiet. But settler leaders are warning that the recent eviction of Jewish squatters may have laid groundwork for future violent clashes.

* IDF: Terrorists learned our defense systems Six young Palestinians were caught by the IDF after they tried crossing into Israel from Gaza.

* Mt. of Olives National Authority to be Formed The Knesset has taken the first step towards legislating the establishment of a new national authority.

* Former Iraqi leader returning 'to fight for our country' Iraq's former interim prime minister accused Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki of fomenting sectarian violence.

* Saudis set up force to guard oil plants Saudi Arabia has begun setting up a 35,000-strong security force to protect its oil infrastructure from potential attacks.

* Half of IDF's New Combat Officers are Religious Half of the IDF's young combat officers are religious Jews, according to statistics.

* Vatican flight service launches A senior Vatican cardinal has inaugurated a low-cost charter flight service which aims to transport Catholic pilgrims to holy sites.